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APR 2014

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TurfSpy ™ EARLY STRESS DETECTION GLASSES Disease, drought and weed invasion are plant and turf killers. But by the time you see them it can be too late. TurfSpy ™ glasses, with stress detection technology developed by NASA, lets you "see into the future" to identify problems 2-10 days before they are visible to your naked eye. Keep your turf and vegetation healthy BEFORE serious problems arise. ordering Part # NG655-01 TurfSpy ™ Glasses and Deluxe Case superior weed location and spraying saves time and money highly effcient spot watering saves time and labor costs get a jump on broken or poor-performing sprinklers anthracnose brown patch yellow patch (rhizoctonia) pythium blight fusarium patch features • Shatterproof/polycarbonate stress detection lens (ANSI approved safety lens) • Wrap-around lens limits ambient light for optimal detection • Sports frame with adjustable ear piece • Lightweight case included HOW IT WORKS Dying vegetation absorbs and refects sunlight differently then when its healthy. The earliest signals occur at the outer limits of the human visual spectrum, and are rendered invisible compared to the predominant middle wavelengths. TurfSpy ™ flters the light in the center so that fringe spectra, which show early plant stress, become visible. HeadChecker ™ NOZZLE DISCHARGE PRESSURE GAUGE Use this liquid-flled 160 psi gauge with 30" fex hose and solid brass Pitot tube, hose bib, or spray head adapter to measure water pressure at discharge points. ordering Part # A-PHG-160K HeadChecker ™ gauge, 30" Flex Hose, Pitot Tube Part # A-SHG-160K HeadChecker ™ gauge with Spray Head Adapter Part # A-HBG-160K HeadChecker ™ with ¾" POC Hose Bib Tap Part # A-HCGPK HeadChecker ™ gauge and Pitot tube Part # A-PG160L HeadChecker ™ 160 psi pressure gauge only Part # A-HCP Pitot tube only Part # A-HBT ¾" Hose Thread x ¼" Brass Hose Bib Tap Part # A-SHA Spray Head Adapter 17 866-863-3744 •

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