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APR 2014

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AuditMaster ™ EXPERT SPRINKLER PERFORMANCE TESTING KITS Increasing watering times to compensate for poorly performing sprinklers wastes a lot of water. Accurately measuring sprinkler application rates with Underhill ® AuditMaster ™ helps maximize water savings. Part # MT-100 Fiberglass Measuring Tape: 100' Part # A-FLAG Marking Flags: Yellow - 50 Pack Part # A-FLAG-B Marking Flags: Blue - 50 Pack Part # A-FLAG-O Marking Flags: Orange - 50 Pack Part # A-FLAG-P Marking Flags: Pink - 50 Pack Part # A-FLAG-R Marking Flags: Red - 50 Pack Part # A-FLAG-W Marking Flags: White - 50 Pack AuditMaster Combo ST/LT Kit (pictured), includes large CatchCanPro cups (blue) and CatchCanPro Mini cups (30 each). AuditMaster ST Kit excludes the large CatchCanPro cups. This kit is ideal for SMALL TURF audits. AuditMaster LT Kit excludes the CatchCanPro Mini cups. This kit is optimized for golf courses, sports felds and other LARGE TURF audits. ordering Part # AUD-ST AuditMaster ST Kit Part # AUD-LT AuditMaster LT Kit Part # AUD-STLT AuditMaster Combo ST/LT Kit Part # SALESPRO4 AuditMaster Wheeled Carry Case Part # A-STW Stop Watch Part # A-WIND Anemometer (Wind Gauge) Part # CCPK-10 CatchCan Pro (Blue) - 10 Pack Part # CCPMK-10 CatchCan Pro Mini - 10 Pack CatchCan Pro (CCPK-10) for LARGE TURF audits. Measures ml, cm, inches. CatchCan Pro Mini (CCPMK-10) for SMALL TURF audits. Measures inches. CatchCan Pro ™ features • Self standing - easily anchors into turf, even on slopes • Measures sprinkler application in inches or centimeters • Unique design allows for shorter duration test • Made of durable polypropylene engineered plastic • Can be stacked for easy storage • Each 10 pack kit comes with instructions 16 Products that ™ 4"x 5" Marking fags on 21" wire (50-pack) are available in 6 colors.

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