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APR 2014

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ordering Part # A-G12-C Gulp ™ UltraMax Part # A-G3636CK BigGulp ™ UltraMax w/ 36" outlet hose Part # A-G3672CK BigGulp ™ UltraMax w/ 72" outlet hose Part # A-G12S-C Gulp ™ Syringe Ultra Part # A-GTUB-C 100 ft. outlet hose Gulp ™ UltraMAX SUPER HIGH-CAPACITY WATER REMOVAL SUCTION PUMPS Whether you need to remove water from sprinklers and valve boxes or other areas or devices, UltraMax Series Pumps are the ideal tools for the job…huge capacities and the smoothest pumps you will ever use as well. GULP ULTRAMAX • 18 oz./stroke! • 14" clear pump chamber • 18" outlet hose GULP SYRINGE ULTRA • 12 oz./stroke • 12" pump chamber special features • Super Smooth Pumping Action • High Volume Capacity • Strong Aluminum Pump Shaft • Contour Grip Handle • No Leak Seals • Self Priming BIG GULP ULTRAMAX • 35 oz./stroke! • 36" pump chamber • 72" or 36" outlet hose also great for fountains pipe repair boats toilets spas and more! Easy, push-button cleaning system Gulp UltraMAX and BigGulp UltraMAX include debris flter attachment for very dirty water. 15 866-863-3744 •

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