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APR 2014

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M-160: With its powerful 174 ft. throw radius, the Mirage ™ M-160 is a worldwide favorite for sports felds, golf driving ranges and other large area turf or dust control applications. M-125: A very impressive long-throw sprinkler in its own right with a 125 ft. radius , the M-125 is perfect for installation in the out-of-play areas of large turf felds. M-115: For areas where irrigation must be installed within the playing area, the M-115's deep sod cup cover holds a 9" (220 mm) diameter section of natural grass to "disappear" when not in use, staying out of the way of athletes and mowers. CALL FOR DETAILS! 15 22 21 PROGRAMMER MANUAL RUNTIME 2 W I R E C O N V E R T E R FAULTS OFF MANUAL DIAGNOSTICS RUN NEXT /OK BACK /ESC MORE LESS Novo TM UNDERHILL NOVO 2WIRE CONVERTER UP TO 63 STATIONS EXISTING HOST FIELD SATELLITE W/ OPEN STATIONS INSTALL NOVO INSIDE OF THE ENCLOSURE THE NOVO USES A PAIR OF EXISTING STATION WIRE AS THE NEW 2WIRE PATH TO NEW SPRINKLERS 16 17 14 32 EXPAND UP TO THE NUMBER OF "OPEN" STATIONS ON EXISTING FIELD SATELLITE USE "POWER" WIRES FROM EXISTING SPRINKLERS 16 & 17 FOR THE NEW 2WIRE PATH. BOTH SPRINKLERS NOW WILL BE OPERATED WITH A DECODER ON THE 2WIRE PATH BUT AS STATIONS 16 & 17 Mirage ™ HUGE THROW, HIGH-PERFORMANCE LARGE TURF SPRINKLERS Underhill Mirage pop-up turf sprinklers, featuring precision German engineering and huge throws, can be installed completely outside the playing area of sports fields. YOU PICK THE CONTROLLER... WE CAN MAKE IT 2WIRE! Need to add another sprinkler or expand an area? We can do it using existing controller and field wires... Here's how with Novo! Super Fast M-125 or M-115 sprinkler Electric valve-in head option GREAT FOR GREENS COOLING 15 SECOND SYRINGE! 9 866-863-3744 •

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