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FEB 2014

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TOP LINE THINKING You need to do jobs correctly, accurately and effciently. The new Toro Multi Pro ® 1750 175-gallon sprayer helps on all fronts. Its tank is engineered to virtually eliminate wasted chemicals while ensuring the proper application rate every time. Its oversized pump satisfes the highest spray rates. Plus, with its QuickFind ™ Console, operators can fnd boom and actuator switches without looking. REAL WORLD THINKING We understand the challenges you have to face every day. That's why we make equipment with innovations that deliver the best overall course conditions combined with a lower cost of ownership over time. Then we back every product we build with our industry-leading support network. No one delivers more value than Toro. It's simple Turfonomics. BOTTOM LINE THINKING Money saved on spraying is money you can use elsewhere on your course. That's one more place where the Multi Pro 1750 excels. Its tank is elliptically-shaped and features side agitation nozzles, which helps ensure accurate applications, prevents costly chemical waste and reduces cleanup time. When this unique design is combined with our optional automated rinse accessory, tank-cleaning time is reduced by up to an hour compared to conventional methods. Multi Pro 1750 • Productivity • Precision • Ease of Maintenance About Turfonomics Learn more at: The QuickFind Console intuitively helps the operator fnd boom and actuator switches without looking at them. The challenge today isn't simply to maintain a beautiful golf course. It's to maintain it on a budget. To succeed, you need to work smarter, more effciently and more economically than ever before. That's why Toro equipment is engineered to give you not only great results, but also a lower cost of ownership over time. With Toro, beauty and fnancial sustainability don't have to be opposites. It's simple Turfonomics. The oversized six-diaphragm pump satisfes the highest spray rates while simultaneously supplying generous agitation fow. 1/8/14 12:55 PM 001-009_Feb14_ads.indd 1 1/17/14 11:43 AM

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