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FEB 2014

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02.14 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 107 Altoz launched its XC Z, XP Z, XP S and XC S line of zero-turn mowers. The XC Z line offers a top speed of 19 mph, features toughness and durability of the mower and delivers increased productivity, the company says. It is complemented by a drive system and clutch that produces 250 foot-pounds of torque along with a heavy-duty deck, deck spindles, front forks and fork castors as well as tapered wheel bearings. The line also features the SmarTrac Monitoring System, which keeps the operator informed. With the SmarTrac built-in maintenance reminders, a digital RPM gauge, alarm protection and an on-board clock, the line offers worry-free operation. TorqFlex Suspension absorbs every bump and instance of ground chatter. Like the XC Z, the XP S and XC S offer three deck size options. The High Output System, a feature of all Altoz precision mowers, including the XP Z, has premium mulching blades that offer thicker and wider steel, resulting in superior mulching and discharge while holding a clean-cutting edge for an extended duration of time. The XC S line was engineered to produce maximum airfow, resulting in a superior cut with little clumping and effcient grass processing. A heavy-gauge steel C-channel frame rail provides maximum strength and rigidity. Contact Altoz, 218-782-5869 ( Cutting EDGE Quali-Pro debuted two herbicides: 2DQ and MSM 25 OD . Its 2DQ herbicide is a combination of 2,4-D, dicamba and quinclorac, designed to provide to-the-root control of 35 annual and perennial broadleaf weed species through root and foliage absorption in warm- and cool-season turfgrasses. The liquid formula- tion offers broadleaf weed control as a reduced phenoxy herbicide with a low-odor formulation. MSM 25 OD, a post-emergence herbicide, offers control of bahiagrass and broadleaf weeds in warm-season turfgrass through its metsulfuron methyl. It delivers eight to 12 weeks of reliable control with a single application. MSM 25 OD can be used on centipedegrass, zoysiagrass, St. Augus- tine grass and bermudagrass. It also offers control of hard-to-kill broadleaf weeds such as clovers, dandelion, henbit, dollarweed and plantains among others. Contact Quali-Pro, 800-242-5562 ( Direct Solutions, a division of Agrium Ad- vanced Technologies, is offering multiple prod- ucts. Prospect 6-0-1 is a plant nutrient solution developed by Loveland Products to enhance plant growth vigor and create a more fbrous, extensive root system in young or mature turf, ornamentals and trees. It also increases stress tolerance, contains a full micronutrient package for overall enhanced plant health and a natural, sugar-based spreader-sticker for maximum foliar absorp- tion. Radiate PGR (Plant Growth Regulator), also from Loveland Products, is a formulation of IBA and kine- tin designed to provide essential plant hormones in the correct ratios to drive maximum root growth. It contains a mixture of vitamins that aid in successful transplanting and plant growth. Radiate allows superintendents to re- duce early-season stress while increasing primary-season turf vigor and root mass. Acelepryn Granular insecticide from Syngenta provides superintendents with reliable and consistent grub control with its low applica- tion rate and low water solubility. It also controls many key surface-feeding pests including annual bluegrass weevils, billbugs and caterpillars. Contact Direct Solutions (www. 106-109_Feb14_ProductNews.indd 107 1/17/14 11:48 AM

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