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JAN 2014

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(president's message) The road map to 2020 Patrick R. Finlen, CGCS We think the addition of Shatto and Dockstader to the GCSAA team signals our dedication to executing our strategic plan for 2020 and to making sure that your association is not satisfed with business as usual. 16 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 01.14 Several times in the past year, I have written about GCSAA's vision for the future — both the future of the association and the future of the golf course management industry — the strategic planning work put in by your national board of directors as we refned this vision and what we believe our business will look like in the year 2020. There is little doubt about the value of longterm planning and the benefts that kind of work can deliver. Whether you are mapping out where you'd like to see your own golf course management operation 10 years down the line or charting a course for the 19,000 members of a worldwide organization such as GCSAA, these exercises can help lead to a clarity of purpose for organizations that simply isn't possible when you're focused only on the moment. That doesn't mean there aren't challenges along the way. Finding the time to commit to these activities among the litany of day-to-day challenges that we face in the golf course management industry is a defnite hurdle. Knowing that the tangible benefts from such long-range forecasting might not be realized for years can also hinder a full investment in this type of work. Fortunately, the strategic planning that we have undertaken this year at GCSAA is already paying dividends. In November, we announced the hiring of two new executive-level staff members — Chief Operating Offcer Matt Shatto and Chief Business Development Offcer J.D. Dockstader. You can read more about each gentleman in this issue of GCM (Page 24), but the skills and experiences they bring to the table and the responsibilities they will take on are all key components of our vision for 2020. In our new COO, we believe we have found an individual with the skills and experience to continue the association's forward momentum on issues such as technology, professional development and advocacy, all of which will be important components of GCSAA's vision for what the association and industry will look like in the not-so-distant future. By creating a new executive position focused on matters of business development and then flling that position with an individual with a rich background in this arena, we are confdent that we have enhanced the association's ability to achieve growth in industry revenues and success in fundraising for the Environmental Institute for Golf, both key components to ensuring a strong foundation for the future. On a broader scale, though, we think the addition of Shatto and Dockstader to the GCSAA team signals our dedication to executing our strategic plan for 2020 and to making sure that your association is not satisfed with business as usual, that new ideas and new strategies will be the order of the day now and moving forward. Another key component of our plans for the future of the association and the industry includes the continued evolution of our work internationally with golf course superintendents in all corners of the world. We have been especially active in China, where our educational partnership with Reed Guanghe Exhibitions for both the China and Asia Golf Shows is growing with each passing event. Most recently, GCSAA was involved in several events during November's Asia Golf Show in Shenzhen. Whether it was the hands-on instruction of the Turf Science Academy or classroom sessions on soil health and staff management, attendance at these events reached new heights across the board, offering further proof that our efforts are paying dividends among golf course management professionals in these regions. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention next month's Golf Industry Show in Orlando, and the excellent package of information about that event available in this issue of GCM (Page 80). I frmly believe regular attendance at this event is one of the most important things a superintendent can do for his or her career, and I certainly hope you'll decide to take advantage of the world-class education, networking and exhibitions that are available there. Patrick R. Finlen, CGCS, is the general manager at The Olympic Club in San Francisco and a 29-year GCSAA member.

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