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JAN 2014

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'' The best purchase I ever made! The Smithco Star Command Spray System saved me 30% in chemical costs just by improving the application accuracy. – Robert Main, CGCS; Colonial Country Club, Cordova, TN '' 3 integrated modules make the hard-to-believe happen. • Spray at speeds from 2 to 10 mph at a wide range of application rates. Automatically. • Never overspray again. Monitor shows an "As-Applied" map of the application. • Save up to 30% on chemicals and one-third on labor annually . 1. The SMITHCO STAR COMMAND SYSTEM starts with our 2 finest sprayers each factory-fitted with the Smithco/ Capstan® SharpShooter,® Blended Pulse Technology and the GPS enabled Raven Envizio Pro I.® 2. THE ON/OFF SPRAYING FUNCTION IS CONTROLLED RIGHT AT THE TIP. INSTANTANEOUSLY. You'll get application rates from 0.4 gallons per 1,000 sq ft (GPT) to as much as 5 operating speeds from 2 to 10 mph...and at any pressure necessary to control drift. All this is done AUTOMATICALLY. 3. NEVER OVERSPRAY AGAIN. With a GPS enabled Raven Envizio Pro II® display you'll see on the monitor an "As-Applied" map of the application. Each nozzle is automatically and instantly shut off over areas that have already been sprayed and back on over unsprayed areas. You'll realize a significant increase in efficiency. • Reduces chemical costs up to 30%. • Labor has time for other tasks. • Improves coverage and turf appearance. • All this with improved effectiveness. Get the whole story at...

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