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JAN 2014

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(Product news) Professional SAW Echo unveiled a new saw, the CS-620P, which features the highest rate of horsepower per displacement in the company's line. It is a 59.8-cc high-power professional chain saw for professional arborists, loggers and professional frewood operations. Based on the CS600P engine design but modifed for more power, the CS-620P is 13 percent more powerful than the CS-600P. The CS-620P has a sister product called the CS-620PW, which features a new wrap aluminum handle to give the user more options when felling a tree. Other features are an adjustable clutch-driven oiler for reduced oil consumption, decompression valve for easier starter rope pulling, dual bumper spikes for more control while cutting, easy-access heavy-duty two-piece air flter for easy cleaning, G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner for reduced flter maintenance and translucent fuel tank for quick fuel level checks. The Digital Ignition System automatically adjusts engine timing for optimal performance. There also is a Magnesium Sprocket Guard for increased durability. Contact Echo, 800-432-3246 ( 162 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 01.14 Bobcat released its frst Tier 4 Loaders, including a non-diesel particulate flter (DPF) engine solution. The seven medium-sized machines are designed to provide operators with all of the same performance benefts of the previous interim Tier 4 models. The Tier 4 non-DPF solution was achieved by designing an ultra-low particulate combustion (ULPC) engine. The ULPC is accomplished through a specifcally designed engine combustion chamber that signifcantly reduces the amounts of particulate matter created during combustion. The new engines used in the 500 frame-size loaders will have 4-12 percent increase in torque, which is produced over a wide range of engine rpm, allowing operators of all skill levels to better utilize the machines' maximum performance. The new Tier 4 Loaders feature a machine protection system that monitors, manages and shuts down the engine if needed. Another new feature of the skid-steer and compact truck loader line is cold weather protection. Any time the engine temperature is too low, the loader will temporarily limit the maximum engine speed (rpm) to prevent premature component wear or failure. Contact Bobcat, 800-743-4340 (

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