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DEC 2013

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article index 2013 Winning marketing tools: Cover letters and references, Carol D. Rau, PHR, September, p. 32. Digital career tools, Carol D. Rau, PHR, November, p. 32. R. Nesbitt, March, p. 34. Teresa Carson, October, p. 38. Custom night lights, Scott R. Nesbitt, April, p. 34. The high price of ryegrass, Teresa Carson, November, p. 38. Light up the night, Scott R. Nesbitt, May, p. 34. Six-legged villains, Teresa Carson, December, p. 38. Superior seating, Scott R. Nesbitt, June, p. 34. Research Environment In his own words, Beth Barbush, January, p. 36. IPM: It's about time, Mark Johnson, February, p. 36. Sharing the green: Groundwater Awareness Week, Jennifer Wemhoff, March, p. 36. Investing in research, Mark Johnson, April, p. 36. Sunlight saving time (Breckenridge GC), Bunny Smith, May, p. 36. Solving a runoff dilemma, Steve Trusty, June, p. 36. Building the buzz at Bayer (North American Bee Care Center), July, p. 36. Generally electric (Bear Trace at Harrison Bay), Howard Richman, August, p. 36. Calculating runoff: No more guessing games, September, p. 36. Getting on par with updated OSHA standard, Jennifer H. Lawless, CSP, October, p. 36. Fine feathered friends (Bear Trace at Harrison Bay), Bunny Smith, November, p. 36. Beyond the textbook: IPM tool for the real world, Pamela Smith, CGCS, December, p. 36. Shop Helping after disaster, Scott R. Nesbitt, January, p. 34. Make it fow (time management), Scott R. Nesbitt, February, p. 34. PTO safety, Scott R. Nesbitt, July, p. 34. MVT honors man of many talents, Scott Hollister, August, p. 34. Ordering, storing plastic retainers, Scott R. Nesbitt, September, p. 34. Try cross-brand test for spark plugs, Scott R. Nesbitt, October, p. 34. Home vac in the shop, Scott R. Nesbitt, November, p. 34. Wiring woes, Scott R. Nesbitt, December, p. 34. Turf The people's turf, Teresa Carson, January, p. 38. A new crop of turf scientists, Part I, Teresa Carson, February, p. 38. A new crop of turf scientists, Part II, Teresa Carson, March, p. 38. Calculating your savings, Teresa Carson, April, p. 38. The 17-year itch: Brood II (cicadas), Teresa Carson, May, p. 38. Recycled and, possibly, required (water use), Teresa Carson, June, p. 38. An Irish rover lands in Chicago (Ed Nangle, Ph.D.), Teresa Carson, July, p. 38. Paints, pigment and turfgrass health, Teresa Carson, August, p. 38. Fire ant venom: A natural fungicide? September, p. 38. Replace rope before it breaks, Scott Sustainable soil: Going global, 98 GCM December 2013 Cultivar and Species Management Relative resistance of creeping bentgrass cultivars to dollar spot and Typhula blight, Some cultivars show more resistance to fungal diseases. Should you renovate? Paul L. Koch, Ph.D., and James P. Kerns, Ph.D., January, p. 132. and Bernd Leinauer, Ph.D., September, p. 76. Glyphosate-tolerant perennial ryegrass and Poa annua control, Using glyphosate-tolerant perennial ryegrass to overseed bermudagrass can give superintendents an edge on Poa annua, Michael L. Flessner, J. Scott McElroy, Ph.D., October, p. 90. Residual effcacy of fungicides for brown patch control on creeping bentgrass fairways, Fungicide residues deplete quickly, and successful disease control depends on the ability of superintendents to anticipate disease outbreaks, John Daniels and Richard Latin, Ph.D., December, p. 86. Disease Updates Weed control in spring-seeded hard and tall fescues, With appropriate herbicide use, tall fescue, but not hard fescue, can be established in spring with seed, Peter H. Dernoeden, Ph.D., and Steven J. McDonald, M.S., May, p. 98. Soil salinity and quality of sprinkler- and drip-irrigated warm-season turfgrasses, Most warm-season grasses can maintain acceptable quality when irrigated with saline water from a subsurface drip system, Bernd Leinauer, Ph.D., and Elena Sevostianova, Ph.D., June, p. 80. New options for Poa annua control in bentgrass greens, The fght against annual bluegrass in creeping bentgrass continues with two new herbicides, Robert B. Cross; Bert McCarty, Ph.D.; and Alan G. Estes, July, p. 86. Foliar uptake of nitrogen on creeping bentgrass and bermudagrass greens, Creeping bentgrass and hybrid bermudagrass show similar uptake of foliar-applied nitrogen, Chris Stiegler, Ph.D.; Mike Richardson, Ph.D.; and Doug Karcher, Ph.D., August, p. 72. Soil salinity and quality of coolseason turfgrasses under sprinkler and subsurface drip irrigation, Most cool-season grasses in an arid to semiarid transition climate cannot maintain acceptable quality levels under saline irrigation, Elena Sevostianova, Ph.D., JANUARY • First report of Meloidogyne marylandi infecting bermudagrass in Florida, N.S. Sekora, Ph.D.; W.T. Crow, Ph.D.; and T. Mekete, Ph.D., p. 138. • First report of dollar spot caused by Sclerotinia homoeocarpa on creeping bentgrass in North Dakota, Jared M. LeBoldus, Ph.D.; Qi Zhang, Ph.D.; and Kasia Kinzer, M.S., p. 139. • First report of leaf spot of Kentucky bluegrass caused by Nigrospora oryzae in Ontario, Lu Zheng, Ph.D.; Fang Shi, M.S.; Darren Kelly; and Tom Hsiang, Ph.D., p. 140. • Root-knot nematodes in golf course greens of the western United States, Michael A. McClure, Ph.D.; Claudia Nischwitz, Ph.D.; Andrea M. Skantar, Ph.D.; Mark E. Schmitt, Ph.D.; and Sergei A. Subbotin, Ph.D., p. 141. • First report of Magnaporthe poae, cause of summer patch disease on annual bluegrass in Canada, M.M.I. Bassoriello, M.S., and K.S. Jordan, Ph.D., p. 142. Environment/Wildlife Coping with unwanted wildlife, Part I, Raccoons, bats, snakes and woodpeckers can all make homes on the golf course — sometimes where

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