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OCT 2013

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WHAT A SUMMER. IT WAS HOTTER THAN A JUNE BRIDE ON A FEATHER BED... NOW, WITH WINTER COMING...IT'LL PROBABLY BE COLDER THAN A Hot MOTHER-IN-LAW'S KISS... Summer wE LOST SOME GOOD GRASS BACK THERE LAST SUMMER.. ...POOR GUYS...JUST DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH GAS IN THE TANK. R.I.P 1987-2013 BURNIE THE TIME IS NOW TO PUT IT ALL BACK TOGETHER & GET READY FOR WINTER... CAN'T BE A COUCH POTATO! FALL/WINTER PREP FORTUNATELY, OL' MAX HAS MY WORK-OUTS PLANNED... 1. Aerify & topdress 2. Protect the crown 3. Ensure adequate micro's - Zn : thermostat - Mn : strengthen roots - Cu : carb metabolism 4. Never stop! HEY WHISKEY, WHICH WAY IS SPRING? THATA WAY! BY THE GUN SHOW... Prepare your turf for winter with these pro ducts: FOLIAR 7 N NITROGEN 15 P PHOSPHORUS 19 K POTASSIUM Power 23-0-0 + Mo ® PowerPlay Organic Acid Technology Visit or call 901.853.2898 to find the Floratine distributor in your region.

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