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OCT 2013

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PRODUCTnews What's new and hot for your course nitrogen or phosphate applications are limited or restricted, such as during fertilizer-blackout periods or near lakes and waterways. Castilite 0-0-15 uses unique microbes to fx nitrogen from the atmosphere and unlock phosphate for up to 18 weeks. It contains 70 percent NutriSmart, a biological ecofertilizer and humate soil amendment, helps build a sustainable ecosystem by enriching the soil with organic matter and by supporting diverse microbial populations. The company says Castilite supports environmental stewardship by reducing nutrient leaching, improving fertilizer utility and building a sustainable ecosystem. Contact Performance Nutrition, 732-888-8000 ( Evergreen Turf Covers says its Smart Edge technology means its multipurpose turf covers won't fray. The covers are intended for frost protection during winter in the transition zone, as well as for new course and remodeling projects. In existence since 1985, Evergreen Turf Covers are lab tested with patented coating and color additives (white, green and grey). Contact Evergreen Turf Covers, 800-388-7872 ( LebanonTurf released its Country Club MD (maximum dispersion) fertilizer. Country Club MD is a long-lasting golf course fertilizer that features a homogenous proprietary particle composition containing environmental stressbuffering biostimulants and Meth-Ex, a slow-release nitrogen system designed to promote healthy turf throughout the growing season. MD's combination of sea kelp and humic acid assists putting greens in maintaining optimal health performance and high-quality course playability by safeguarding the turf plant against stress conditions before they occur, the company says. Lebanon says that MD disperses rapidly into the putting green's canopy after irrigation, virtually eliminating the possibility of being picked up by the greens mower during the next mowing. This effcient delivery system ensures that the full amount of applied nutrients reach their intended target rather than being picked up by the greens mower or golfers' shoes. Contact LebanonTurf, 800-233-0628 ( Agriguard Co. LLC is offering fve free gallons of MultiGuard Protect for every 20 gallons purchased by superintendents and groundskeepers now through Dec. 13, 2013. MultiGuard Protect is a natural liquid nematicide 102 GCM October 2013 designed to safely control harmful nematodes on contact and is used on golf course turf as well as athletic and other sports felds. Agriguard says the product leaves no harmful residue and can be applied up to six times per year. The low toxicity rating of MultiGuard Protect minimizes handling limits and expands allotted playtime. MultiGuard Protect also helps suppress certain fungal plant diseases. The promotion is available through any of Agriguard's three turf care product suppliers: Direct Solutions, Harrell's and Howard Fertilizer & Chemical. Contact Agriguard, 908-272-7070 (www. Performance Nutrition introduced Castilite 0-0-15. The patented nutrient-effcient granular fertilizer is designed for use wherever Taylor-Dunn selected Trojan Battery's deep-cycle flooded batteries and its watering system, HydroLink, to power its electric material handling and personnel carriers. It enables TaylorDunn to offer reliable electric vehicles to its customers with a simplifed maintenance feature for easy watering. Taylor-Dunn's equipment features Trojan's T-605, T-105 and T-145 deep-cycle batteries. The Taylor-Dunn electric commercial and industrial vehicles using Trojan batteries include electric carts and tow tractors, as well as material-handling vehicles. Trojan's deep-cycle batteries are specifcally engineered to handle the deep battery discharge characteristic of the stopstart operation of electric vehicles. By pairing Trojan with the HydroLink system, Taylor-Dunn can offer customers a simplifed watering solution, which will cut down on overall maintenance costs. Contact Trojan Battery, 800-423-6569 (www.

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