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AUG 2013

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cent more storage — enough room for an iPad. Storage pockets are placed higher in the dash to protect stored items from the elements. Cup holders provide 45 percent more volume and are relocated to a more central position in the vehicle. Seatbacks are 23 percent larger. Ball holders are now mounted in the outside dash pockets for easy access from outside the vehicle. The oversized bag well accommodates larger golf bags. The forwardneutral switch was relocated to a central location along the bench seat centerline. Front struts are 25 percent thicker for longer life. Contact E-Z-Go, 800-241-5855 ( Flight Systems Industrial Products (FSIP) has a remanufacturing program for electric golf car motor controls and battery chargers. FSIP rebuilds and tests motor controls to OEM specifcations with the latest reliability upgrades being installed during the manufacturing process. Rebuilt controls can come at a lower cost than new controls, the company says, providing immediate bottom-line savings and long-term savings from positive environmental impact by keeping controls out of landflls. FSIP has focused recently on battery chargers used on all makes and models of electric golf cars. Contact FSIP, 800-333-1194. Optimizer Sweet Iron from United Turf Alliance is a sprayable iron polysaccharide product to boost turfgrass color, enhance nutrient uptake and improve overall plant health by enabling both foliar and root absorption of the product by turfgrass plants, the company says. Optimizer Sweet Iron combines a water-soluble form of iron with a complex natural polysaccharide to provide novel delivery and outstanding residual color without the use of urea. In addition, it contains plant-available amino acids to promote the optimum plant metabolism required for effcient nutrient uptake and utilization. Optimizer Sweet Iron also feeds and stimulates soil microbial populations as the polysaccharide breaks down. Contact United Turf Alliance, 770335-3015 ( Shurfo 5059 Series Diaphragm Pump from Pentair is designed for spraying and pumping herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers and hard-to-handle fuids. Pentair says the pump features a feld-proven head design that delivers fow rates up to 5 gallons per minute (gpm) with pressures up to 60 psi and a maximum draw of 17 amps. It is driven by a 12-volt, continuous-duty sealed motor. It also is designed with a Santoprene diaphragm and Viton valves for chemical resistance and maximum lifespan. The new pumps, which can be run dry without damage, also feature a built-in pressure switch, set at 60 psi, to protect the unit in the event of deadheading. When operating at a pressure of 40 psi, Shurfo's new 5059 units deliver 3.8 gpm with current draw of 13 amps. Contact Pentair, 800-4249776 ( Seago adds to its offerings Seago International was named exclusive distributor for the Americas for BowDry and Hover Trimmer. The BowDry machine is a walk-behind water-removing machine that is fast, quiet and effcient, the company says. The Hover Trimmer is a blade and hood attachment that will ft most brands of string trimmers and comes in two sizes. The HT-300 is designed for machines with engines that are 30 cc or larger, and the HT-200 is designed for trimmers that are smaller than 30 cc. Contact Seago International, 800-780-9889 ( sprinkler head yardage markers, which are available from Grund Guide. Underhill, who recently acquired Grund Guide, offers both custom and standard high-visibility markers for all popular golf heads, including Toro, Rain Bird, Hunter and others. The markers are affxed to the top of the heads and help direct golfers while speeding up play. Contact Underhill, 866-863-3744 ( The Andersons Turf & Specialty Group announced it has a new dispersible granule patent, U.S. Patent No. 8,435,321. The '321' patent increased The Andersons' dispersing granule portfolio to nine issued patents, emphasizing the company's commitment to adding to its portfolio products designed to deliver nutrients and pest control chemicals directly into the soil, it says. Upon contact with water, each granule disperses into thousands of micro particles that move directly into the root zone. The dispersible granule is designed to eliminate problems with runoff and mechanical pickup, which decreases loss of effciency. Contact The Andersons, 800253-5296 ( Underhill expanded its line of August 2013 GCM 91

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