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JUL 2013

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research Annual bluegrass control At Walker GC, methiozolin treatments provided greater control than all other treatments, where 93% control was achieved after two years of treatment with six applications (three fall, three spring) at 32 ounces/acre (2.3 liters/hectare) each, while three applications (two fall, one spring) at 64 ounces/acre (4.6 liters/hectare) provided 92% annual bluegrass control (Table 2). In comparison, at Cross Creek Plantation, 82% annual bluegrass control was achieved with the low-rate methiozolin program and 79% control with the high-rate methiozolin program. Only Trimmit (paclobutrazol, Syngenta) + Xonerate provided control similar to that of methiozolin (79%) at Cross Creek Plantation. This treatment produced 65% annual bluegrass control at Walker GC. Eight applications of Trimmit alone through the fall and spring provided 66% annual bluegrass control at Walker GC and 50% control at Cross Creek Plantation. All other plant growth regulator or herbicide treatments provided 13% or less annual bluegrass control regardless of site. Seedhead suppression Annual bluegrass seedheads were suppressed 85% or more regardless of rate of methiozolin or site; this can be attributed to effective annual bluegrass population reduction (Table 2). Both Trimmit alone (81% at Walker GC, 68% at Cross Creek Plantation) and Trimmit + Xonerate (77% at Walker GC, 86% at Cross Creek Plan- After two years of treatment, methiozolin applied six times in the fall and spring at 32 ounces/acre provided greater than 90% annual bluegrass control at the Walker GC site. Annual bluegrass control, seedhead suppression and turf quality Treatment Rate (ounces/acre) Annual bluegrass control (%) ‡ Seedhead suppression (%) Turf quality† Walker Untreated Trimmit CCP Walker CCP Walker CCP — 0c 0c 0e 0d 7.1 c 7.0 bc 8-16 66 b 50 b 81 a 68 ab 8.1 a 8.0 a Legacy 10 0c 0c 7 de 20 cd 7.3 bc 7.0 bc Cutless 24.6 0c 0c 22 cd 44 bc 7.9 ab 7.1 bc Velocity 0.7 0c 0c 21 cde 11 d 7.0 c 7.0 bc Xonerate 1 0c 13 c 52 b 6d 5.5 d 7.0 bc Methiozolin 32 93 a 82 a 85 a 92 a 8.4 a 6.9 c 64 92 a 79 a 89 a 88 a 8.5 a 7.3 b Velocity + Xonerate Methiozolin 0.5 + 0.5 0c 0c 32 bc 0d 7.1 c 7.0 bc Trimmit + Xonerate 8-16 + 0.5 65 b 79 a 77 a 86 a 7.9 ab 7.9 a † Values in a column not followed by the same letter are signifcantly different. Abbreviations: Walker, Walker Golf Course; CCP, Cross Creek Plantation. ‡ Table 2. Annual bluegrass control, seedhead suppression and turf quality after two years of treatments on Crenshaw creeping bentgrass greens at Walker GC at Clemson University, Clemson, S.C., and L-93 creeping bentgrass greens at Cross Creek Plantation, Seneca, S.C. July 2013 GCM 89

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