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JUL 2013

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Human nature like a fungicide or is a funny thing. fertilizer. We're all familiar with the concept of "you get what you pay In most cases, it doesn't require the outlay of a large amount of for," but equally true is the notion that cash. To utilize the power of prevention, "you value what you pay for." The sec- people must think with their heads, not ond phrase is true of barbecue grills, their hearts. fishing trips, televisions, sports cars At the core of the power of preven- and paintings. When you have a signifi- tion is the tried-and-true tenet that it's cant investment in a piece of property usually much cheaper and less intrusive or positive experience, it tends to be of to fix a potential problem before it be- high importance in your life. comes a real problem down the road. Prevention may not be perceived to be all that powerful or valuable; after all, golf course, there are lots of specific ex- it's not blasting out of the end of a hose of When it comes to ornamentals on the amples of preventing costly problems.

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