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JUL 2013

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THE INSIDER: shop A dangerous old PTO shaft with broken shielding is compared to a new shaft with proper guards and safety chains. Photo by Scott Nesbitt Scott R. Nesbitt PTO safety Although it is easy to ignore, the power-take-off (PTO) drive shaft powering implements off your NEWS & notes Longtime golf industry equipment manager Stephen Tucker has established, an online auction site. The site (www., which launched in late May, allows golf course equipment technicians, superintendents, dealers and others to list for sale unwanted items from their parts inventories. "I felt this was something missing for many of us who have a boneyard of equipment or parts, old cups, flagsticks, sitting on the shelves," says Tucker, the equipment manager at the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas and the CEO of the International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association. "My feeling was that instead of throwing some of this stuff out, maybe some golf courses or grounds managers could use it at their operation. We are all looking for more ways to minimize waste and maximize dollars." 34 GCM July 2013 tractor can be dangerous — even deadly. Thanks to the Internet, the savvy superintendent can provide a quick but thorough safety review that should reduce the risk of accidents. Te risks arising from the PTO shaft arise a PTO shaft is connected on a mid-size tractor mainly in three areas: shielding, mounting and with trailing brush mower. maintenance. • "PTO shaft accident" ( A PTO shaft is rather simple. Tere's a telewatch?v=gzNJrytf1g8) by farmaccidents, :49. scoping two-part steel shaft with universal joints Tis will grab the crew's attention. and couplers on each end. Te typical golf course • "PTO (Power Take Of) safety demonstration" tractor will conform to Category 1, with a PTO ( rotation of 540 revolutions per minute. Te tracby NWAGvideo, 2:06. A quick demonstration of tor output shaft (and implement input shaft) how a common PTO shaft accident is avoided. has a 1⅜-inch diameter and six splines. Tere is • "PTO safety demonstration" ( a groove cut through splines — a spring-loaded com/watch?v=pxLzIj68s5E) by Lake Area Tech, pin in the coupler locks the drive shaft to the 1:07. Shows the danger of approaching a PTO tractor and implement. Te basic concept has shaft with the rotating shield out of place. been in use for nearly 100 years. • "How to install and maintain a shaft cover To keep human clothing and body parts on a tractor PTO" ( from getting snagged in the rotating shaft, plaswatch?v=uBoINyG7USU) by the Alabama tic shield tubes were developed, starting in the Cooperative Extension Service, 8:17. An expert shows and explains all the components of 1950s and are universal these days. Te shield is a modern shielded PTO shaft. supposed to remain steady while the steel shaft and U-joints rotate inside. Trouble arises when Finally, search "ComerIndustries UK" in the plastic gets damaged, or when a lack of lubrication lets the plastic weld itself onto the steel YouTube, and check these titles: shaft, creating a dangerous rotating plastic shaft. • "How to grease the PTO drive shaft" (www. YouTube ofers a number of great, 1:41 tional videos on PTO safety. Set up a computer • "How to grease the guard ring bearing and the next to a tractor-PTO-implement rig in the shop, universal joint on PTO drive" ( gather the crew and push the play button. com/watch?v=BnW33-cayP0), 1:55 Te following is a roster of links to suggested • "How to ft chains on a PTO drive shaft" (http:// videos, with the source, the playing time and a brief, 2:02 description. On my computer, the Google Chrome GCM browser seems to work best with YouTube. • "How to drive and operate a tractor: PTO shaft on a tractor: How it works" ( Scott R. Nesbitt ( is a by ex- lance writer and former GCSAA staff member. He lives in pertvillage, 1 minute, 19 seconds. Shows how Cleveland, Ga.

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