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JUL 2013

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The company says the product may reduce foot injuries because golfers won't have to hit their shoes with their clubs, extends mower blade life, offers sharper mower blades/healthier grass, gives truer putting surfaces and promotes proper bunker etiquette. Contact John Pfster, 260-625-3012 ( More than 90 new ornamental cultivars have been added to the Dow AgroSciences' label for Dimension 2EW specialty herbicide, bringing the total list of tolerant ornamentals to 444. Additions include European white birch, blood grass, chrysanthemum, saucer magnolia, tree philodendron, groundcover rose, Japanese wisteria and several varieties of palm. Also added to the label under weeds controlled are dandelion, sowthistle and willowherb. Dimension 2EW can be applied to landscape and feld-and container-grown ornamentals, controlling both grassy and broadleaf weeds without harming desirable plants, the company says. It also can be used on established warm- and cool-season lawns; golf course fairways, rough and tees; commercial sod farms; and non-crop industrial sites. Contact Dow AgroSciences, 317-337-3000 ( Rescue! scientists, with their new electro-retinogram (ERG) technology, created VisiLure to lure bugs with colors, shapes and other visual stimuli to which they respond. The frst Rescue! products to use the new technology are U.S.made Fly Tape and TrapStik for fies. Both products are made to lure common nuisance or flth fies to a sticky surface with a three-dimensional pattern and color combination they fnd most attractive. Using IFH Group launches new systems The IFH Group's Lubrication Storage & Dispensing Systems feature 130-gallon containers and three-way diverter valve assemblies for products such as oil and lubricants. Individual pumping systems ensure no cross contamination. The three-way diverter valves, in combination with the individual pumping systems and flters, allow product to be pumped through the flters into the containers and then pulled back out of the containers through the flters with the transfer units. Product can also be pulled from the containers, cycled through the flters and sent back into the containers (kidney loop). The system can be customized to include containers of virtually any size. Capacities include 500-, 300-, 250-, 130- and 65-gallon sizes. Contact The IFH Group, 800-435-7003 ( the ERG, Rescue! scientists measured photoreceptor responses in fies' retinas to different wavelengths of visual stimuli to identify the most attractive colors and intensities. Further lab and feld behavioral experiments indicated that the color patterns and contrasts mimicking the natural visual characteristics of fies were most appealing. The Fly Tape hangs fat rather than curling up, leaving more surface to catch fies. Because it has no odor, it can be used indoors or outdoors. Contact Rescue!, 800-666-6766 ( July 2013 GCM 99

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