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APR 2013

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T2 technology plus the addition of a moss guard to deliver a comprehensive IBP system. such as cleaning, lubricating, setting and calibrating their Lely broadcast spreader. ThorGard announced its ThorMobile is now avail- able. It enables superintendents, professionals, staff and club members to access information from their mobile devices when severe weather threatens from anywhere on the course rather than being limited to a desktop computer in their offce. ThorMobile has been added to the company's ThorPCX software base, which manages ThorGuard data and provides email and text notifcation. Rain Bird has new Pump Manager 2 software that is made to simplify irrigation decisions and aid superintendents as they try to strike a careful balance between irrigation system performance, watering windows, water use and energy consumption. After installation, Pump Manager 2 provides users with two main screens on their computers — a remote touch-screen and a monitoring dashboard. Rain Bird also launched WT-M 50 kW Wind Turbines to help golf courses decrease energy costs and improve overall effciency. The smallest turbine is similar in size to a mature oak tree with blades that spin in a 63-foot diameter. The turbine can potentially generate up to 250,000 kW hours per year, Rain Bird says. Lely Turfcare showed off its new How-To Video Series that answers com- mon questions pertaining to Lely broadcast spreaders and offers customers practical, step-by-step videos on topics 80 GCM April 2013 Oasis Golf Mat is made of real grass and specifcally designed for golf courses and driving ranges. Oasis Golf Mat comes in any size and is designed to provide accurate feedback at the bottom of a golfer's downswing. GCM Howard Richman (hrichman@gcsaa. org) is GCM's associate editor.

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