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APR 2013

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Accessories Jacobsen launched two offerings, including the TrueSet cutting unit. It makes Jacobsen's mowers even faster and easier to adjust, the company says. The bulk of the time saving comes from a bedknife-toreel adjustment. Technicians fne-tune the TrueSet bedknife-to-reel adjustment at two points with a gear that moves the bedbar one thousandth of an inch with an audible check. The adjustment is made from the top and front of the cutting unit with a ½-inch wrench, the same tool used for heightof-cut adjustment. It also maintains its holding power, which equates to 425 pounds of force holding the bedknife in place. Also, Classic XP 15-blade reels now come standard on the Greens King 500 series and PGM 22 walking greens mower. Toro launched its Twilight golf lighting, made to promote twilight putting and evening special events. The Twilight golf cup light is battery-powered and completely wireless, allowing courses to swap out existing cups in seconds. Energy effcient, low- 78 GCM April 2013 voltage LED lamps inside the cup light coupled with perimeter lighting suffciently illuminate the fag and putting green surface, but emit very little heat. A perimeter lighting system is available to properly illuminate the entire green through receptacles permanently buried underground, just off of the putting green surface. A quick connect system allows you to easily snap in lights during evening use and remove when fnished. able to get anywhere else," WinField product manager Aaron Johnsen says. Tools in the Tech Kit include Geo Tec Tool to provide a fresh look at site performance; Nutrient Tech Tool to uncover issues before they surface; and Turf Tech Tool, which makes complex decisions easier. Turf-Vu Imaging System is a new tool for iden- tifying and managing turfgrass stress in real time. By monitoring turfgrass canopy temperatures and recognizing normal and abnormal situations, it is possible to precisely manage healthy turf and quickly identify stresses and mitigate a problem before it becomes unmanageable, the company says. The imaging system monitors stress accumulation and measures applied cultivation practices, avoids damaging cultivation practices and optimizes the application of fertilizers and herbicides. It manages precise operations such as syringing, irrigation, mowing, thatching and aerating, treatments, fans, subgreen drainage, sub-green air and sub-green hydronics. The WinField Insights Tech Kit is intended to help superintendents make a variety of decisions related to soil and plant health. "From planning to implementation, from diagnosing problems to delivering solutions, tools in the Tech Kit will help our customers access information they may not be Trojan Battery Co. offers two new deep-cycle batteries: Ranger 160 and Traveler 8V. Ranger 160 is an 8-volt high-performance battery that is rated at 160 minutes and is ideal for excursions that require signifcantly more range than a typical golf car battery can handle, Trojan says. Trojan says it's the frst U.S.-made long-range product that meets the needs of the hunting buggy, utility and low-speed vehicle markets. It features stronger case walls for improved durability, and the optimized, taller case design delivers higher performance, resulting in longer travel time between charges, Trojan says. Traveler 8V is the longest-lasting deep-cycle golf battery available, Trojan says, delivering more than 40 percent longer life than its current T-875 battery. The internal design features Trojan's patent-pending Internal Battery Protection System (IBP), which features thicker grids, membrane-wrapped plates, Trojan's exclusive Maxguard T2 multi-rib separators and

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