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APR 2013

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Neo-Tec G.S.O. They are derived from hybrid sesame plants and are effective on both ectoparasitic and endoparasitic nematodes, Brandt says, including lance, sting, root knot and cyst nematodes. Aquicare from WinField is a soil wetting agent that is made to eliminate localized dry spot and improve water retention without holding excess water at the soil surface. The specialized formulation maintains optimal moisture levels in the root zone, providing a frm, healthy playing surface, WinField says. Yard Net insect control from Liquid Fence Professional is a FIFRA 25(b) repellent, a time-release granular that is eco-safe and made from botanical oils. It is non-toxic to humans, animals and birds. Phoenix Environmental Care-UPI is coming out this summer with Avatar PLX, a combination of acephate and imidacloprid, for low-odor broad-spectrum control of troublesome turf pests. Landmark showcased Luminary, a creeping bentgrass that improves disease resistance against anthracnose and dollar spot. It can be used for interseeding existing greens, tees and fairways in blends, and as a stand-alone cultivar for use on the most discriminating properties, the company says. Ponds and Lakes Rain Bird introduced sev- Turf Seed Tee-2-Green added two Quali-Pro launched Negate, a pre-emergence her- bicide for use on bermudagrass and zoysiagrass. It also offers control of Poa annua, ryegrass and broadleaf weeds. 76 GCM April 2013 products to its bentgrass stable: Pure Distinction and Pure Select. Pure Distinction has a bright green color. Its dense and upright growth habit makes for true and smooth putting surfaces, the company says. It recovers quickly from damage and has excellent resistance to bacterial wilt, brown patch, anthracnose, fusarium patch, leaf spot and dollar spot. Pure Select has an erect, super-dense growth habit for excellent turf quality and outstanding putting conditions, Tee-2-Green says. It's highly resistant to brown patch and microdochium and is highly resistant to dollar spot. eral new products, including the Algae Control System (ACS), an environmentally friendly way to both kill and prevent algae. When submerged just beneath the surface of ponds or lakes at least 2 feet deep, an ACS transducer emits directional ultrasonic waves that fan out at 180 degrees to inhibit the growth and spread of algae, Rain Bird says. The waves hit the harmonic frequencies of various types of algae, eventually causing algae cells to weaken and starve to death. Users can expect results in as few as three to four weeks, Rain Bird says. The ACS is available in fve different models of varying power levels.

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