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APR 2013

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and offers an 82-inch width of cut. The higher speed and wider cutting swath allow operators to fnish jobs faster for higher productivity. It has fve 18-inch cutting units for enhanced ground following over fairway undulations. They're a smaller version of Toro's dual precision adjustment (DPA) cutting units, which are easy to adjust, have fewer required adjustments, and hold their adjustment longer. Optional 22-inch rear cutting units are available to achieve additional overlap if desired. The Reelmaster 3550-D features a 24.8 Kubota diesel engine. Toro also introduced the Multi Pro 1750 and WM Sprayers, designed specifcally for Toro's Workman HD or HDX utility vehicles. These models feature an industry-exclusive six-diaphragm pump (which offers the highest spray rates while supplying generous agitation fow), elliptical chemical tank (a completely redesigned polyethylene tank), right-hand control console (the Mini InfoCenter pressure gauge and sprayer control switches are located in a unique console featuring Toro's PalmHome-Find feature) and rugged triangular spray boom (a three-section, 18.5-foot boom width provides fore and aft breakaway on impact while protecting nozzles). Jacobsen introduced the LF510 fairway mower, which features a 100-inch width of cut, 5-inch TrueSet cutting units and a Tier 4 fnal Kubota diesel engine. The mower also offers a host of simplifed maintenance features including wet park- 72 GCM April 2013 ing brakes, an onboard control module and easily accessible service items. Club Car introduced what Turfco redesigned its WideSpin 1550 top- dresser, which it says offers unprecedented control and precision. It provides more capacity (20 percent larger hopper), easier hopper loading, programmable presets, rate calculation and a wider range of applications, Turfco says. The new hydraulic system and spinner design creates more versatility, and operators can now switch between a new, superlight application to ultra-heavy and everything in between. A new electronic controller makes adjusting the application rates simple, the company says. Seago International Inc.'s Air Force F-19 Hover Mower is de- signed to increase productivity and reduce mowing time. It is powered by a Honda GCV160 engine and includes an innovative impeller design that delivers exceptional results, the company says. With adjustable cutting heights from 1 inch to 2.5 inches, it provides range, and the new stainless steel cutting blades allow users to complete the job in just one pass, Seago says. it says is golf's frst four-passenger vehicle designed for fun. Precedent 4Fun is intended to help golf courses make the golf experience more enjoyable for families, couples, women, juniors and seniors by keeping players more connected during the round. The new vehicle's debut is part of a pilot program with the PGA of America at courses that have established Get Golf Ready programs, which the industry designed to attract new players and bring former players back to the sport. Precedent 4Fun features front-facing seats for four passengers along with attachments for four golf bags. Irrigation Hunter Industries unveiled the G85B and G885 golf rotors, aimed to provide enhanced power, effciency and durability. Features of the new rotors include adjustable arc and true full-circle capabilities, dual trajectory nozzles, contour back-nozzle options and ratcheting stainless steel risers. The G85B provides a block confguration; G885's patented gear drive will push through anything that gets in its way, Hunter says. With just one rotation of the turret by hand, the rotor's durability can easily be felt, Hunter says. Toro released Version 2.1 of its Lynx Central Con-

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