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APR 2013

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3 integrated modules make the hard-to-believe happen. • Speed no longer matters. Spray from 2 to 10 mph. • Never overspray between passes again. • Save up to 30% on chemicals annually! 3. NEVER OVERSPRAY AGAIN. 2. THE STAR COMMAND SYSTEM CONTROLS THE ON/OFF SPRAYING FUNCTION RIGHT AT THE TIP. INSTANTANEOUSLY. The Capstan® SharpShooter® and the SharpShooter Electronic Control AUTOMATICALLY allow ANY application rate from 0.4 gal per 1,000 sq ft...ANY operating speed from 2 to 10 mph... and ANY pressure necessary to control drift. All this is done AUTOMATICALLY with no nozzle tip changes. Shutoff is instantaneous. The proper flow and pressure is always maintained when the boom is turned on. You realize significant reductions in spraying time without compromising quality. With A Raven Envizio GPS Pro® display you'll see on the monitor an "As-Applied" map of the application as it is being created by the GPS-guided sprayer's individual nozzles. They will automatically and instantly shut off over areas that have already been sprayed and automatically and instantly turn back on over unsprayed areas. "As-Applied" maps can be created and named for each fairway. Then each map can later be downloaded to the office computer as a permanent record of the application. • Reduces chemical input costs up to 30%. • Improves coverage and turf appearance. • Delivers greater spraying operation efficiencies. This is what the future of spraying looks like.

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