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APR 2013

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Hypro launches SprayIT Mobile App DEMAND SPECS EXPECT RESULTS Hypro's SprayIT Mobile App is made to take your application information and provide a customized list of spray tip recommendations. Simply enter your tip spacing, speed, application rate, solution density and droplet size requirements and the SprayIT mobile app does the rest, the company says. SprayIT Mobile App is available for Apple and Android mobile devices and supports both U.S. and metric units. The app is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Contact Pentair Ltd., 800-424-9776 (www. quality, the company says. The active ingredient in Regalia is Reynoutria sachalinensis, which features an induced systemic resistance (ISR) mode of action. Contact Engage Agro USA, 866713-3336 ( Guangzhou Mutual Biotechnique Co. Ltd. is promoting Ober, a secondary trace nutrient granular fertilizer and MU, a slow-release fertilizer for turf. Ober is made of raw materials using advanced technology. All of the nutrients in Ober can be fully used and absorbed without concern for the pH value of the soil. MU, meanwhile, is made from NPK plus other secondary trace elements and is designed to ensure healthy turf growth. Contact Guangzhou Mutual Bio-technique Co. Ltd. (www.gz Aloft SC from Arysta Life Science Corp. is now labeled for use on fre ants. It is made to offer season-long control of red imported fre ants (RIFA) and rapid knockdown within seven days. It can be used as a fall preventive, is ready to use and is recommended for home lawns, golf courses, athletic felds, schools and playgrounds. Aloft SC combines two modes of action with a unique formulation and keeps down fre ants with long-lasting residual activity. Contact Bradley unveils lavatory system When choosing your renovation materials, demand product specifications and expect results. Since the advent of bunker liners, Sandtrapper has been there, delivering consistent quality and performance that professionals rely on. We've made reliability the hallmark of our manufacturing and customer service processes so the facility can make renovation project decisions easily and with confidence. Contact us today for the details of bunker liner dynamics and product specifications. 888-970-5111 The Bradley Advocate AV-Series Lavatory System is now available. Its all-in-one design provides a touchless hand-washing experience that creates a more sustainable, cleaner and more effcient lavatory environment, the company says. An infrared faucet, soap dispenser and hand dryer are all housed in a sleek, compact design. It is made with highly durable Terreon solid-surface material and provides water- and energy-saving benefts. The system features a top-fll soap dispenser that holds twice the capacity of a standard dispenser with intelligent electronics controlling a low-level indicator and unique over-fll protection. The Advocate is ADA compliant. Contact the Bradley Corp., 800-272-3539 (www.

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