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APR 2013

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IT's okay To be a control freak. est, strongest, fastest-playing turf day to do the impossible: Grow the green As a superintendent, you are asked every fuctuations, moisture and soil pH able variables like weather, temperature under extreme conditions. Plus, uncontroll in the nutrients it needs to thrive. levels can make it diffcult for turf to take TM Floratine Foliars allow and is unable to get them through the soil, your turf absolutely needs nutrients now When the root system to ensure your ently directly through the leaves, bypassing you to deliver nutrients quickly and effci you the control to make the it needs them most. Floratine Foliars give turf is receiving nutrients exactly when impossible possible. Visit or call 901-853-2898 to fnd the Floratine distributor in your regio n. floratIne folIa ™ rS DO NOT CONTAIN Non-benefcial , agricultural or utility-grade nu (Chlorides, Hy trients droxides, Acet ates) or synthe (EDTA, HEDTA, tic chelates etc). If a nutri tion product co the ingredients ntains any of above, foliar up take may be sig inhibited and nifcantly may cause str ess to your turf desirable resu and less than lts. SUNLIGH 0 H 20 and C 2 T

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