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AUG 2019

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"Superintendents can be their own worst enemies because they are wired to do more with less," he says. "And if they have to do a project in- house, they will try to figure out a way to get it done." It's a tough spot for a superintendent to be in. "You're told to do some- thing, and you do it, but it might not turn out so well," Matthews says. "But it's not the superintendent's fault." So deciding whether to do a bunker renovation in-house or to hire it out must be earnestly discussed. Egos need to be checked. Realism needs to take center stage. Everyone involved must understand the pros and cons that come along with the final decision, because once the project starts, there's no turning back. The right call At Framingham, all these things were discussed, and everyone was in agreement to hire the project out to architect Bruce Hepner and con- tractor Frontier Golf Course Builders. And the bunkers at Framingham haven't looked this good and played this well in decades. ey are also holding up strong. Recently, a summer storm "walloped" the course with rain, and a few bunkers on the course were understandably washed out, Daly says. But putting the bunkers back together was as easy as a 6-inch putt. "It took four guys about three hours," Daly says. "(Before the renova- tion), it would've taken us two days." It reaffirmed to Daly that, in their situation, the club made the right choice. Lawrence Aylward is a freelance writer based in Cleveland specializing in golf course man- agement topics. He is the former editorial director at Superintendent Magazine and the former editor-in-chief at Golfdom magazine.

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