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16 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 08.19 Home's cooking A man identified as Martin honks and waves to Evan Bissell, who is standing in his field of dreams off North 79th Street. Martin honks a lot. That's because Bissell and three of his best friends from college are outside at the home of one of the four, Zach Brough, and working on their dream a lot. The foursome's dream of building their own golf course, now known as Brough Creek National in Kansas City, Kan., is shaping up nicely — and the world is following their progress via social media. The facility hasn't even opened, yet membership (which is free) totals more than 1,200. Brough Creek has attracted members, not only from the United States, but from Australia, Norway, South Africa, Ireland, and other far-flung locales. Bissell, a former information technology intern at GCSAA, smiles when he ponders the mania. "People have gotten into it. Absolutely crazy over it," Bissell says. The handmade par-3, which features seven holes, six greens and 670 yards, started spontaneously. The four men had forged their friendship as students at the University of Kansas. After graduation, one of the four, Ben Hotaling, lived with Brough in Brough's family's home on what had been a cattle farm. The bros of Brough Creek National, from left: Ben Hotaling, Zach Brough, Evan Bissell and Mark Robinson. Photos by Roger Billings

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