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JUL 2019

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84 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 07.19 July 23 — Wisconsin Turfgrass Association Summer Field Day, O.J. Noer Research Facility, Madison Phone: 920-643-4888 Website: www.wisconsinturfgrass July 24 — University of Arkansas Turfgrass Field Day, Fayetteville Phone: 501-860-0187 Website: Aug. 14 — Nebraska Turfgrass Research Field Day, University of Nebraska-Lincoln East Campus Turfgrass Research Center Phone: 402-472-5351 Website: Aug. 14 — Michigan State University Turfgrass Field Day, Hancock Turfgrass Research Center, East Lansing Phone: 517-392-5003 Website: Aug. 22 — GCSAA Webinar: Topdressing 101: Organic Matter Management, Roch Gaussoin, Ph.D. Time: 10 a.m. CDT Contact: GCSAA Education Phone: 800-472-7878 Website: my-learning-hub Aug. 29 — Oregon State University Turfgrass Field Day, Lewis-Brown Farm, Corvallis Phone: 541-737-5449 Website: Sept. 3 — North Texas GCSA Educa- tion Meeting, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children sponsored by WinField United, Dallas Phone: 817-368-3002 Website: Sept. 9 — Georgia GCSA Bermuda- grass Forum, King & Prince Golf Course, St. Simons Island, Ga. Phone: 706-376-3585 Website: Sept. 11 — Iowa Turfgrass Field & Demo Day, ISU Horticulture Research Station, Ames Phone: 515-635-0306 Website: (in the field) MEMBERS ONLY Florida Ralph Dain In my travels around the state, I have been visiting with super- intendents who have commenced with their summer tasks. Even though I am almost 12 years removed from my time as a superinten- dent, I still recall how challenging it can be to get these maintenance practices accomplished. It seems Mother Nature and the demands of golfers can foil the best-made plans. Despite the curveballs that come up on a routine basis, superin- tendents seem to roll with the punches. Even so, I am seeing more and more individuals who seem to be at their limit from being asked to do so much more with limited resources. Budgets have been cut and positions eliminated to a detrimental point for the facility. I have had the occasion to speak with several individuals at lower-budget facilities, and I can see the angst in their eyes. I know many of them are concerned about their ability to provide acceptable conditions at the club or the impact that cutbacks may have on their job security. What I am about to write may sound crazy, especially with limited employee numbers, but the super - intendents who find themselves in a situation like I am describing may benefit from the networking op- portunities that come with participation in their local GCSAA chapter. A great wealth of information can be exchanged as superintendents network during these chapter functions. Maybe a new perspective on some old issues will be revealed during these interactions. Or, very likely, you will find that you are not the only one dealing with a particular issue. In the bigger picture, GCSAA exists to serve superintendents and assist them in achieving their goals and provides a number of programs and services in an effort to advance the profession. The chapter outreach department that field staff is a part of is dedicated to working with chapters to provide individuals the best services possible. I guess what I am saying is that nobody should go it alone. There is camaraderie among superintendents that is not superficial. On more than one occasion, I received help in times of stress during my career from a colleague or two. I have yet to be disappointed in the response from members of a chapter when one of their own finds themselves in need. I am always moved by the benevolence of the individuals who have chosen this field to make their living. I understand that finding the time to participate may sometimes be a challenge. However, almost every chapter I deal with provides options that allow you to attend just the meeting (which is usually free), lunch and/or golf. The key is to find the amount of time that fits your schedule and at least participate in what you can. I know you will benefit from these interactions. The weight on your shoulders is heavier when you try to go at everything alone. Allow others to help you by participating in chapter functions and building a network that may assist in reducing your stress levels. There are so many good people who will be willing to support you in your endeavors. I may not be your first choice, but I am more than willing to lend a hand or a thoughtful ear whenever the need arises. Just call me, and I will be glad to be of service. For the latest from all of GCSAA's field staff representatives, go to regional-resources.

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