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JUL 2019

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78 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 07.19 care company that has been working to help mitigate the devastation of invasive species and to save trees in over 150 municipalities across the country. Forward-thinking certified arborists and municipalities are using tree injec- tions to ensure that neighborhoods and urban forests are safely maintained. Research shows that trunk injections with TREE-├Ąge not only help save trees but are also far more cost-effective than removing and replacing mature trees. Visit Arborjet, Brookside Agra has developed a high-performance, nonchemical and all- natural product called RemediPro to degrade sludge buildup safely and im- prove water clarity in closed and slow-flow water systems, such as ponds and lagoons. Utilizing a proprietary, five-strain bacteria blend, RemediPro works naturally to reduce organic levels of scum, sludge, fats, oils and grease that can threaten good water quality and aquatic life in water retention and collection areas, lakes, ponds, animal manure pits, water gardens, fish farms and hatcheries. RemediPro creates no risk to the environment, animals, humans or aquatic life because its only byproducts are carbon dioxide and water. RemediPro is a dry bacterial blend available in conveniently packaged, cost-effective 8- and 16-ounce, water-soluble pouches that are simply tossed into the water for ease of dosing. A decrease in water clarity can reduce water quality and oxygen levels, preventing sunlight from penetrating the surface scum. This condition poses a threat to aquatic life in the water by increasing temperatures, disrupting photosynthesis and lowering dissolved oxygen, which is Single Phase Power Solutions, manufac- turer of high-horsepower, single-phase electric motors, introduces single-phase pump solutions that do not require a phase converter or variable frequency drive. The company incorporates its Belle Single-Phase Motor, which uses Written-Pole technology to deliver up to 100 horsepower to power standard suction-end centrifugal pumps, rotary gear pumps and turbine pumps in horizontal and vertical configurations. Compatible with readily available single-phase utility services, these pump solutions are ideal for irrigation, drinking-water distribution, well pumps, aquifer management, water treatment, wastewater pumping, wastewater collection, wastewater treatment and discharge, and other water and wastewater-processing applications. With expertise in pump systems design and manufacture, Single Phase Power Solutions helps determine the correct materials and style of pump to suit specific application requirements. Available in ratings from 30 to 100 horsepower, Belle motors are ideal for many industrial, agricultural, mining, municipal, and oil and gas applications, the company says. They are also ideal for compressors, injection wells, blowers, fans, dryers, water and wastewater processing and more. The use of patented Written-Pole technology delivers a robust and reliable solution that frees customers from the restrictions of only having access to a single- phase power line. Visit Single Phase Power Solutions, Arborjet Inc. is collaborating with "The Project Canopy" and working with Panama City, Fla., to treat the heritage "Old Sentry," a 270-plus-year-old tree at Oaks by the Bay Park in Panama City. Arborjet will donate treat- ment via a nutrient systemic injection to help protect the live oak against pests and disease. A plaque displayed in front of this historic tree reads, "It was standing during the War Between the States as if a sentry standing guard over Old St. Andrews Bay." Arborjet is a tree and plant health (product news) Turf Fuel FERTILIZER Target Specialty Products launched Turf Fuel G 24-0-11 Mini. The Turf Fuel G 24- 0-11 Mini is exclusively co-branded with Scotts PRO and is part of a broader line of fertilizers that leverage Scotts PRO technologies. Turf Fuel G 24-0-11 Mini has multiple nitrogen-release technologies in the blend, including a proprietary methylene urea technology and a polymer- coated urea. This exclusive formula is designed to improve spreadability and deliver consistent growth and color for three months. Additionally, the product promises quick green-up and a non- staining and controlled-release micronutrient pack. Turf Fuel G 24-0-11 Mini features Target Specialty Products' unique, proprietary Nutri- fense technology, which is designed to promote increased plant health during stress periods by activating the plant's own defenses. Visit Target Specialty Products, Single Phase Power Solutions

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