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JUL 2019

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14 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 07.19 As we near our 93rd birthday in two months, I have often wondered what that first meeting must have been like. GCSAA's founder, Col. John Morley, was determined to bring superintendents together for the com- mon good. When the call went out for superinten- dents to gather in Toledo, Ohio, that day in 1926, Morley didn't stipulate that only cer- tain types of superintendents could attend. He wanted an association for all, and his pre- sentation to the 60 assembled there reflected that. He said, "We desire cooperation with one another, to give and receive advice whenever desired and we believe that in time we will be in the position to give the golfing fraternity all the assistance it needs." As GCSAA has evolved over the years, so has the sheer variety of facility types and management structures. While GCSAA has something to offer golf facilities of every size, there isn't one membership model that fits every course. However, in February during the Annual Meeting in San Diego, the mem - bership voted in favor of bylaws changes that would allow for more flexibility in member- ship offerings. From these changes, two new membership classes and one new promotion were born. The Facility Membership will make it eas- ier for facilities with lean budgets to be intro- duced to GCSAA membership and discover the ways that the association can be a valu- able asset for their team and facility. Facility Membership will allow a team to have access to GCSAA's resources and services, particu- larly in those areas that can help these types of facilities save money. For facilities that meet the eligibility requirements, dues will be $200 a year to access GCSAA's resources while forgoing additional individual mem- bership benefits. For larger operations, the Multi-Member Promotion provides the opportunity for ev- eryone on the maintenance staff to benefit from individual membership while saving the course money. Through the Multi-Mem- ber Promotion, facilities will save when they add a GCSAA member. Facilities can receive (from the CEO) J. Rhett Evans Twitter: @GCSAACEO a 10% discount on membership dues (up to $100 in savings per 9- or 18-hole equivalent). These initiatives grow the membership by offering new ways to benefit from the infor- mation, professional development and cama- raderie GCSAA provides. They not only help those facilities, but they also make GCSAA's voice stronger at the local, state, national and international levels. The benefits of GCSAA's work extend be- yond the golf course management industry, and that is why the new Friend of the Golf Course Superintendent Membership category was created. The Friend of the Golf Course Superintendent Membership is for individu- als who want to support superintendents and the game of golf but do not qualify for any other membership category. They will receive a newsletter, information and other items to identify them as a Friend, and they will learn about GCSAA programs such as First Green, GCSAAPAC and more. Friend mem- berships for individuals will be at $50, $100 and $200 levels of support. In addition, there will be $400 memberships for groups of up to 10 people, such as green committees, private club boards and others. Dues from this mem- bership class will support advocacy, research and environmental efforts. Whether through advocacy efforts, First Green field trips or individual interactions with golfers, the op- portunities to engage with potential Friend members is vast. In addition, Friends help amplify our environmental efforts and many other benefits of golf. The next time some- one tells you how much they love golf or how much they appreciate what you do, I encour- age you to tell them about becoming a Friend. I would like to think that Col. Morley had some inkling of what his plan could become, but I doubt he could have envisioned more than 18,000 people around the world living his idea. As we make GCSAA more adaptable and accessible to grow his dream even more, we never lose sight of his vision of giving all who take part "all the assistance" they need. J. Rhett Evans is GCSAA's chief executive officer. One for all I would like to think that Col. Morley had some inkling of what his plan could become, but I doubt he could have envisioned more than 18,000 people around the world living his idea.

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