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JUN 2019

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52 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 06.19 AT THE TURN (tree care) John C. Fech Is your tree care consultant PC or PHC? Careful consideration should be given when golf courses choose outside companies to provide tree care. Many golf courses choose to hire a company rather than own specialized equipment for tree care, not to mention hire the staff to operate and maintain it. But what characterizes the rela- tionship? Is it interactive, or does it run on autopilot? If it's a collaborative affiliation, just how reliable, responsive, competent, accommodating and open to providing customized service is the company? Taking a fresh look at it, especially if your town has more than one tree care service, makes good sense. Either/or Most tree care providers fall into one of two camps: PC and PHC. Providers that are PC — Politically Correct — generally run their business in the mode of asking what the client wants, telling them what they want to hear based on budget and emo- tion, and getting to work. If the task at hand is simple, such as removing dead/broken limbs, this approach is reasonable and expedient, and it may suffice if the course only has a few trees. It may also be appropriate if the trees don't interface much with golf play, such as in out-of-bounds areas. If, however, the tree resource is integrated into tees, greens, fairways, roughs, refreshment stands and the clubhouse area, then a different approach — Plant Health Care (PHC) — serves as a more appropriate model. PHC focuses on the total growing environment focus … whereas PC is usually characterized as a "one-off" arrangement. The best tree care companies follow a Plant Health Care approach. They have the best interests of the trees at heart and keep separation of trees and turf in mind as they propose care for these tree resources. Photos by John Fech

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