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18 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 06.19 guy for about anything. He catalogued every vendor, and he's saved us so much money. He took ownership with no formal background in golf. We found out it was pretty hard to put a price tag on what he brought to the table." Of five children in his family, Stout is the last one living. He was raised in the area where the club is now. Nearby was a major steel manufacturer whose products were used in the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Stout always enjoyed tinkering with cars and partici- pated in drag races. "I learned how to build car motors," says Stout, who also worked for a heating and air conditioning com- pany for two decades. More recently, he took care of his brother, Wayne, who suf- fered a stroke and was paralyzed before dying four years ago. That was when a friend told Stout that Sparrows Point might be able to use his talents. His friend knew what he was talking about. "He saved us $2,000 in repairs last week. We had three rough mowers with hydraulic issues. Decks were beaten up," Bloom says. "By the time he got done with them, it was so good that you could not tell he'd done anything. He does a little with a lot. His resourcefulness shows up." How Stout engages staff also shines. "He spends a lot of time with our staff, training them, coaching them up," Bloom says. "Paul doesn't just yell or scream for breaking stuff. He shows them what's going on, what it costs, that we're part of the team here. He breaks it down so they can appreciate his role and what he does." Stout is thankful, and proud, of what he has achieved. Obviously, he's not alone. "The amount of personal pride he takes in his work area is a direct reflection of himself. It's world-class," Bloom says. "He's all-in." Stout concurs. "I think we've got the shop look- ing pretty good. When I get done with a tool, it goes back in the tool box, and I stay on the guys to do the same," Stout says. "I enjoy working with them. Life's too short to be miserable, so we have some fun." — Howard Richman, GCM associate editor Tegtmeier receives Hall of Fame call in Iowa Rick Tegtmeier, CGCS, MG, was inducted into the Iowa Golf Hall of Fame on April 4 during an event at Riverside Casino & Golf Resort near Iowa City. It was an honor to attend the event, where Tegtmeier was recognized for his long and productive career in golf course maintenance and management (he was named the superintendent at Rockford Country Club in Iowa when he was just 17!). Tegtmeier is currently the director of grounds at Des Moines Golf and Country Club, which hosted the 2017 Solheim Cup. Preparations for that event began years in advance, with Tegtmeier leading a sweeping renovation. "It really showcased the Iowa golf course superintendent, and I think that was the greatest takeaway for me," Tegt- meier said of hosting the Solheim Cup. A 37-year GCSAA member, Tegtmeier is one of 74 people in the world who hold the Master Greenkeeper des- ignation from the British and International Golf Greenkeep- ers Association, a status he earned in 2015. Tegtmeier has also been active off the golf course, serving on eight GCSAA committees and as past president of the Iowa GCSA. — Steve Randall, GCSAA director of chapter outreach Chris Barnicoat works nowhere near Georgia, but sometimes you wouldn't know it. As superintendent at Augusta Country Club in Au- gusta, Maine, Barnicoat has stories to tell about that other golf course with a similar name that is located more than 1,140 miles away. "One time I got the bill for Augusta National's soil reports," says Barnicoat, referring to the Augusta National Golf Club that hosts the Masters. "Sometimes we get the wrong emails. I did a brief stint as general manager here at the club, and it was around the time when there was some controversy regarding women at Augusta National (women were not allowed membership at the time of the controversy Barnicoat mentioned, but in 2012 the club in- troduced its first female members). I came into work with thousands of emails of protest. It took me hours to delete them all." You cannot, however, erase the mark that Barnicoat has made in the industry. A 22-year GCSAA member, Barnicoat has put his degrees in turfgrass manage- ment from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture and plant and soil science from University of Mas- sachusetts-Amherst to good use. He interned at legendary The Country Club in Brookline, Mass. He also was a key leader as assistant superintendent in the grow-in at Friar's Head (Riverhead, N.Y.), the No. 15-ranked course in Golf Digest magazine's America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses biennial ratings for 2019-20. "I ran the day-to-day operation. The grow-in served me well," says Barnicoat, 43, who was also an assistant at another top-100 course, No. 51-ranked Garden City Golf Club in Garden City, N.Y. "We had some ice damage here this year, some greens that were completely gone, but the grow-in gave me a green thumb and the know-how to han- dle things." Barnicoat has Augusta CC ready for the Maine Senior Four-Ball Championship on June 18. It sounds as if he were destined to become a superintendent. "I was obsessed with mowing my parents' lawn," says Bar- nicoat, who is the father of 11-year-old Ewan. "I liked striping it up, making it look good. We used it for whiffle ball. I'd make the checkerboard and diamond patterns. I'd double cut it so the stripes would get darker and darker. I don't think my friends knew how intensely I mowed it." He also maintains a keen ear. "When I pick up the phone and hear a Southern accent, I know they've got the wrong club," Barnicoat says. — H.R. ACT ON COURSE OF 18 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 06.19 Paul Stout has become a major fixture of the maintenance staff at Sparrows Point Country Club in Baltimore. "He saved this club," says Sparrows Point superintendent Tyler Bloom. Rick Tegtmeier, CGCS, MG, (on the left) was inducted into the Iowa Golf Hall of Fame on April 4. The 37- year member of GCSAA hosted the 2017 Solheim Cup at Des Moines Golf and Country Club. Photo by Steve Randall

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