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JUN 2019

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Photo by Clay Groot 16 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 06.19 He uncovered a bike in a junkyard. Like most things equipment manager Paul Stout touches, it has been restored to life. "I ride that bike to work every day," he says. Nobody is more thankful for Stout's arrival each morning at the business on Wise Avenue than GCSAA Class A superintendent Tyler Bloom (pictured on the left, with Stout). "I wouldn't be in my job without him. He saved me. He saved this club," says Bloom, a nine-year association member who over- sees Sparrows Point Country Club in Baltimore. No wonder, then, that Bloom crafted the essay that touted Stout and won the Inside the Shop tool box and bench contest presented in partner- ship with GCSAA, Golf Course Builders Association of America and Hec- tor's Shop. "That's pretty nice," Stout says about receiving the tool box and bench. "It shows some people appreciate what you do." Stout was hired four years ago as a seasonal groundskeeper at a time Sweet shop he was closing in on retirement age (he's 63) after serving Baltimore County in Housing and Urban Development building maintenance. Before Stout was hired, Bloom says the equipment area in the maintenance area needed a major upgrade. "It was a bad situation. You name it — everything from service records to cleanliness of the facility area. It had been a mess," Bloom says. In short order, Bloom determined Stout's presence might be required on a regular basis. "He came up to me and said, 'Maybe I can help you out.' He starts fixing a string trimmer, then a backpack blower," says Bloom, who brought in mobile technicians from outside the club to teach Stout about golf equipment, but that hardly lasted. "They said, 'Dude, you don't need us here.' I had a diamond in the rough. He just kept proving himself over and over. He took responsibility. He kept getting the job done. You'd have thought he'd been in the business 30 or 40 years. He became the go-to Photos by Ulysses Muñoz

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