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MAR 2013

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counter wraps around the unit. Specially designed inserts, certi���ed by the National Sanitation Foundation, allow the Refresher 1200 to store and serve consumable ice. The new design also has signi���cantly more storage space. The newest model is set to be available by the middle of this year. Contact Cushman, 706-798-4311 ( Capillary Concrete says its bunker liner system is the only one that is able to move moisture upward in the pro���le in capillary pores to create a force of adhesion to the bunker sand. It readily drains gravitational water down, and at the same time feeds slight amounts of moisture up through capillary action during dry conditions, the company says. According to the company, special polymers create micro-pores and channels for the water to move upward. With the special LWA aggregates used, the surface of the product is shock absorbing and safe for golfers and mowers. The product, designed by Martin Sternberg, CGCS, and company owner of Capillary Concrete, is convenient to install, durable, and consists of more than 40 percent recycled materials and is 100 percent safe to install in natural environments. Contact Capillary Concrete, 321-2749918 or email (martin@sternberg Green Flush Technologies offers an option to toilets on the golf course. It has developed a way to pro- vide ���ush restrooms for golf courses to operate without any utilities. One is in place at Salish Cliffs GC in Shelton, Wash., near the 13th tee. The function and look of the ���ush toilets, sinks and urinals does not alert the users to the extreme water conservation that make the restrooms unique, the company says. The 670-gallon sewage tank located under the ���oor is so large that at Salish Cliffs it was still not full after 90 days of high-season use, the company says. Extreme water conservation is made possible by the use of waterless urinals and Micro���ush toilets that use only one quart of water per ���ush. The sink water is captured and reused for toilet ���ushing. There is also an option for harvesting rainwater to supplement the toilet ���ushing water. Contact Green Flush Technologies, 360-718-7595 (��� Brackerton launched a new universal golf GPS and smartphone mount that can be secured to golf cars or push carts, providing hands-free access and easy viewing, the company says. The mount���s Grip-iT design is made to allow the clamping arms to open 4.5 inches wide to accommodate most GPS devices, iPods and smartphones. An anti-skid surface provides an added layer of stability for the device. It requires no tools and installs with the simplicity of an adjustable strap and release lever. The mount works with GPS devices such as Callaway, SkyCaddie, GolfBuddy, Garmin, Bushnell, Sonocaddle and IZZO Swami. Contact Brackerton, 866237-4443 ( Hannay Reels 6000 Series for the grounds maintenance industry is versatile and adaptable to ���t many applications and is available with a variety of power rewind options, the company says. Its strong, heavy-duty construction allows ef���cient handling of longer length of hose, the company says. The 6000 Series features a '(0$1' 63(&6 (;3(&7 5(68/76 When choosing your renovation materials, demand product speci���cations and expect results. Since the advent of bunker liners, Sandtrapper has been there, delivering consistent quality and performance that professionals rely on. We���ve made reliability the hallmark of our manufacturing and customer service processes so the facility can make renovation project decisions easily and with con���dence. Contact us today for the details of bunker liner dynamics and product speci���cations. 888-970-5111

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