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05.19 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 77 The brushless engine is powered on with the push of a button, allowing users to start the tool effortlessly. Equipped with Smart Cut technology, the GMS 250 mower adjusts speed as necessary to improve performance and extend run time. The dual-port-battery sequential power supply automatically switches from one battery to another, delivering greater operating time without interruption. In fact, the company says, the Brushless Self-Propelled Mower outperforms gas-powered self-propelled motors, as it achieves the same precision and power without harmful emissions or noise pollution. The battery- operated nature of the tool cuts noise levels in half, protecting the user's hearing and allowing the freedom to work any time of day without disrupting clients in their homes or businesses. With recyclable batteries, zero emissions and zero exhaust, the Greenworks Commercial 25-inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower offers a powerful, green solution to lawncare needs. Some of the increased efficiency and power-focused features of the tool include: seven-position, single-lever height adjustment for a diverse range of cutting heights of 1 3 ⁄8 to 3 3 ⁄4 inches; durable 25-inch steel deck with 2-in-1 design for mulch and rear bag capability; dual blades for increased cutting performance; and rear-wheel driving system for easy operation. Visit Greenworks Commercial, AMVAC introduced Oximus fungicide, a preventive fungicide with systemic prop- erties that provide broad-spectrum control of dollar spot and many other listed turf dis- eases. Oximus fungicide joins the AMVAC Four-Season Solutions portfolio of fungicides as an effective foundation for golf course rotation programs. In addition to dollar spot, Oximus fungicide effectively treats and prevents brown patch, anthracnose, Pythium blight and snow mold. Oximus can be applied to cool- and warm-season turfgrasses, including bentgrasses, bluegrasses, fescues, ryegrasses, St. Augustinegrass, seashore paspalum, kikuyugrass and zoysiagrass. For best results, Oximus fungicide should be applied before disease develops, according to AMVAC's product development manager, who adds that applications that use sufficient water volume to provide thorough and uniform coverage provide the most consistently effective disease control. Visit AMVAC, Nufarm Americas announced its new spring herbicide program for lawn and landscape professionals. The program, accessible at www.nufarmrewards. com, offers distributor credit for qualifying purchases that bundle Sure Power Selective Herbicide with a choice of performance-proven rotation partners — Escalade 2 and Cool Power herbicides. The program purchasing period runs to June 30. It provides distributor credit on purchases of Sure Power combined with Cool Power and/or Escalade 2 for a choice of unit sizes, including a 2-by-2.5-gallon option with a $30 incentive; a 30-gallon drum option with a $500 incentive; or multiple large-volume options with a potential $2,100 incentive. After one qualifying invoice, program participants will continue to save on individual purchases for the duration of the program period. This advanced ester for- mulation provides maximum weed control in cool conditions. It's recommended for early- season use — March, April or May — to provide tough post-emergence control and can be mixed with fertilizer and pre-emergence herbicide. Cool Power can also be used in the late season — September, October or November — for an effective fall clean up. Lawn professionals can use Escalade 2 in rotation with or instead of Cool Power in the spring and fall for fast response on more than 240 broadleaf weeds. Use Sure Power during peak weed season — June, July, August or September — to save time and eliminate callbacks by knocking out intense summer challenges, such as ground ivy and wild violet, with a single application. Sure Power also controls more than 250 broadleaf weeds with an easy-to-use, low-odor formulation. Rapid Barrier Systems introduced its barrier that consists of individual water-filled tubes, which can be joined end-to-end for increased length and stacked pyramid-shaped for increased height. The dual-barrier product resists rolling for low-level flood protection, and the rectangular barriers provide greater ground contact and thus better sealing ability than conventional water-filled barriers. These barriers are available to 100 feet for the 12-inch-high model and 50 feet for the 24- and 48-inch models. Constructed of heavy-duty PVC, they are UV-resistant, anti-bacterial, fire-retardant and chemical-resistant. The barriers can be used for water storage, firefighting and flood- water diversion. A single 12-inch-by-100-foot model replaces about 600 sandbags. That's equivalent to 18,000 pounds of sand, and the barriers are reusable. Visit Rapid Barrier Systems Inc., Greenworks Commercial Rapid Barrier Systems

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