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76 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 05.19 ProGator line. Offering features such as AutoTrac, sharable coverage maps and individual nozzle control, the easy-to- use GPS PrecisionSprayer increases application accuracy and consistency, decreases input costs and reduces operator fatigue. One of the most notable features on the GPS PrecisionSprayer is AutoTrac, which helps with spray- ing predetermined areas in less time with greater pass-to- pass accuracy. Another benefit is individual nozzle control, which minimizes application errors, as the operator does not need to focus on manually turning boom sections on and off. With the GPS PrecisionSprayer, individual nozzles can be paired with the AutoTrac Guidance, limiting wasted product by pass-to-pass overlapping and off-target appli- cations. With the GPS PrecisionSprayer technology, users can create coverage maps, which can be shared with multiple units, eliminating overlap and increasing produc- tivity. The GPS PrecisionSprayer utilizes advanced satellite technology to ensure the reliability of boundary maps with Real Time Kinematic satellite navigation. Another benefit of the GPS PrecisionSprayer is the ability to capture all spray data electronically and analyze the results, streamlining documentation and providing robust analytics. Automated documentation eliminates the need for manual recording and increases accuracy of recording spray-event informa- tion. Visit John Deere, vehicles/turf-gators/hd200-gps-precision-sprayer/#. Greenworks Commercial , manufacturer of performance-driven, battery-powered outdoor equipment, released its new 25-inch Brushless Self- Propelled Lawn Mower . Powered by the brand's revolutionary 82V lithium-ion battery, this mower ensures that landscapers, turf management crews and lawn care professionals have an efficient tool to help them tackle their mowing needs, the company says. Toro announced several key enhancements to its ProStripe 560 walk-behind mower and striping unit. Those include a commercial-grade Kawasaki four-cycle engine, the incorporation of a trim side for trimming around edges and a larger-capacity 0.45-gallon (1.7-liter) fuel tank for longer mowing sessions. Other enhancements include a high-capacity 21-gallon (80-liter) bagger, which optimizes air flow and collection capability; a ribbed, two-piece roller, which significantly improves maneuverability and minimizes turf marking when com- pared to single-roller configurations; and a groomer brush attachment that can be mounted to the front of the unit to promote healthier turf and a cleaner cut by reducing lat- eral blade growth and loosening surface debris. Designed with superintendents and operators in mind, ProStripe 560 provides high-definition striping performance with excel- lent tracking, thanks to the aerospace-influenced blade design, which maximizes collection capabilities while optimizing after-cut appearance. The MatchCut feature allows for easy adjustment between seven cutting heights, ranging from 0.5 inches to 2.6 inches in 0.29-inch increments. Visit Toro, municipalities/specialty-equipment/prostripe-560. John Deere introduced the GPS Precision- Sprayer , available exclusively on the John Deere (product news) Comfortable COVERS AirCool Inc. introduced AirCool seat covers to provide what the manufacturer calls a unique ability to protect users from hot golf cart seats in the heat and buffer the user from a cold seat on cold and dewy mornings. The mesh seat covers prevent the user from feeling wet due to heat and humidity, protect against shock from hot and cold and prevent stickiness, making it easy to slide in and out. The covers do not hold water and are easy to wash. They can be customized for size and color, depending on quantity, and save half the cost from redoing the upholstery, the company says. Visit AirCool, Toro ProStripe 560

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