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MAY 2019

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54 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 05.19 says Green, a 20-year member of GCSAA. "We've had conversations about building a nice facility that would benefit the golf team and the junior golf program here — and the PGM program — but nothing's in place yet. ere is ongoing dialogue, but things are still up in the air. "Just listening to our golf coach talk, they're trying to maximize their practice time. ey're trying to take into account different lies, precise distances. It's limiting to have a driving range where you can only hit one di - rection in a prevailing wind. ey're thinking a lot about things the common golfer doesn't, but, yeah, there's a tremendous amount of money going into college golf these days. It re - ally is an arms race." ere's nothing revolutionary about col - lege-owned/affiliated golf courses. ey've been around forever. However, in a develop - ment climate that is more or less devoid of new construction, at least in the U.S., col - leges and universities come at the renovation exercise with specific desires — and lots of capital, especially compared to your typical private club or daily fee. At Indiana Univer - sity Golf Course in Bloomington, the 18 holes have been closed all year for a top-to-bottom renovation by architect Steve Smyers. When it reopens later this summer, it will include a new practice facility designed specifically for the men's and women's golf programs. Rock chalk upgrade At newly rebranded e Jayhawk Club in Lawrence, Kan., GCSAA Class A director of agronomy Greg Burdiek presides over another complete, university-inspired makeover. e former Alvamar Country Club had featured 36 holes of golf — 18 holes public, 18 private. e Jayhawk Club will be a 27-hole facility. Acreage once devoted to the fourth nine is being con - verted to a massive practice facility dedicated to the University of Kansas golf teams. "It's exciting to be a part of it all, and the thinking is, this will help anchor the club," says Burdiek, an 11-year GCSAA member who arrived in spring 2018 from the 36-hole Country Club of St. Albans outside St. Louis. "Alvamar had been waning in terms of how they were doing financially. To have KU af - filiated so strongly with this place, it bodes well for the club. It makes what we're doing unique, not just another renovation." Everything is being or has already been redone at e Jayhawk Club — 27 holes re - In Austin, Texas, University of Texas graduates Roy Bechtol and Jordan Spieth collaborated on a six-hole par-3 course dubbed Spieth's Lower 40. The Longhorns' practice facility features zoysia fairways, allowing it to serve as a mini test site for the main course, the University of Texas Golf Club. Photos courtesy of Bechtol Golf Design the golf team a practice facility," the 15-year GCSAA member continues. "at was 15 years ago. If I saw that facility today, I'd prob - ably say, 'Uh, that's not going to cut it.'" Keeping up with the Joneses As it happens, North Carolina State is now in the midst of planning major upgrades to all the practice facilities at university-owned Lonnie Poole Golf Course, according to Brian Green, the facility's GCSAA Class A direc - tor of golf course maintenance. Lonnie Poole already serves more masters than most: e school offers respected turf management and professional golf management programs, both of which operate from this 18-hole facility. What's more, the Wolfpack were pioneers in creating a short game area specifically for their varsity golf teams. at facility opened back in 2004 — on campus, not at Lonnie Poole. But a pending highway project will soon impact the short game parcel, and the school is in talks with Palmer Course Design Co. to bring the existing range up to snuff and consolidate all the golf-related facilities at Lonnie Poole. "We have a driving range today that really is not adequate, even for the general public,"

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