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APR 2019

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San Diego 2019 CONNECT. DISCOVER. ELEVATE. programs and model the nitrogen release of granular and foliar products. Initially launched more than 10 years ago, the Turf Nutrition Tool has been used to build thousands of nu - trition programs for turf managers across the U.S. The latest version of the Turf Nutrition Tool has been completely reimagined to be mo - bile-friendly and accessible from any device. It offers the ability to create, save and share cus - tom turf nutrition programs and includes new product listings for Contec DG, Gen 3, Foltec SG, HCU-Humic Coated Urea and more. The art of the TNT is its ability to model the nitro - gen release rate of our products while consider- ing multiple variables, including climate zone, rate, nitrogen source and timing. For more in - formation on the Turf Nutrition Tool, visit The Andersons, www.Turf . Textron's Fleet Management Shield Plus is designed for professional turf equipment and utility vehicles. The system uses real-time data and enables superintendents to monitor usage, mileage, hours and idle time and leverage work-efficiency reports to maximize a crew's productivity and workloads. A web-based so - lution, accessible from any device, Shield Plus employs geofencing and restricted speed zones to protect the course and the crew. Visit Tex - tron, plus-screenless-system . Toro offers the Lynx 7.0 Central Control system to provide superintendents with a num - ber of features, including improved monitoring functionality and a host of enhanced diagnos - tic capabilities. With an emphasis on continu- ous improvement, this update represents Toro's 14th iteration of the operating system since Lynx Central Control's initial release in 2010. In terms of added functionality, Lynx 7.0 now offers seamless compatibility with Lynx Smart Modules and can automatically identify indi - vidual smart modules after the initial installa- tion process, ultimately saving the superinten- dent considerable time. The new system also offers runtime controls to the second and mea - sures inputs to 0.01 inch, delivering unprece- dented precision when it comes to controlling irrigation systems, the company says. All new Toro hardware platforms support run times to the second, whereas comparable systems can only offer runtime controls to the nearest min - ute. Lynx 7.0 also features key enhancements in terms of diagnostics. The upgraded operat - ing system can retrieve voltage and amperage data, which is crucial to understanding the overall health of the irrigation system. Visit Toro, . At RYAN, our redesigned Jr. Sod Cutter decreases vibration by 75% and is paired with Easy Steer Technology and intuitive, user-friendly controls to make sod cutting less of a chore. It's time to step up to the new Jr. Sod Cutter. Learn more at THE NEW & IMPROVED GOLD STANDARD OF THE TURF INDUSTRY

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