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APR 2019

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4.19 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 35 Countless indebted industry members branched out from a tree created by longtime superintendent Cliff Dipman, who is fighting for his life. Howard Richman Learning He drank coffee all day, reveled in mud, served as a father figure and helped anyone in need. Undoubtedly, Cliff Dipman was exactly what Manhattan, Kan., needed. As golf course superintendent, Dipman oversaw a revival of Manhattan Country Club from 1981 to 2013. He was on the clock upon being hired — and there was no time to waste. "People had gotten fed up with the condition of the golf course. We had a lot of grumpy members," says Paul Van Nostran, a member since 1965. In time, Dipman guided a comeback of epic proportions. His effort, supplemented with a legion of devoted crew mem - bers, took it to another level. "I don't know where the club would be now if it wasn't for Cliff's timely arrival," Van Nos - tran says. Once again, time is of the essence for Dipman, because he is uncertain how much of it he has left. Dipman, 72, is battling stage 4 head and neck cancer. Fifteen years ago, he was diag - nosed with cancer and lived with a feeding tube for a year. He beat it, but scans last October showed it had returned. Dipman finished his last round of radiation Feb. 21 before embarking on nine weeks of chemotherapy. "is is our last shot. It (can - cer) is spreading," says his wife, Christy. Dipman lost his voice following radiation, but so many of those who worked for or are acquainted with Dipman are more than willing to shout their praise of him. "If anyone has a problem with Cliff, you need to evaluate yourself as a human being," says Jaron Gerber of Gerber Grass Unlimited in Wich - ita, Kan., who, as a Kansas State University student, worked for Dipman. e Dipman tree of those who went on to serve in the in - dustry is majestic. Sprawling. ick. "ere are many branches Tree

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