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16 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 04.19 When the 2019 Rounds 4 Research Auc- tion launches later this month at , we have ambitious goals for another record-breaking year. And why shouldn't we? Rounds 4 Re - search began in 2009 as a program developed by the Carolinas chapter, but when it became clear that it could have a national impact, it came under the GCSAA umbrella in 2012. Our first auction raised a modest $28,285. But in just six years, R4R has raised more than $1 million total, including the $313,000 raised in 2018. We couldn't have had that kind of suc - cess without the hard work of our chapters, the generous donations of rounds and our partner The Toro Co., which has given more than $350,000 to support the program. If you haven't donated a round yet, you can still do so at through the end of the auction. However, the success story of Rounds 4 Research isn't just about those who have given their time and donations to it. It's also about the golfers who buy the rounds — those who found great opportunities the first year and returned for subsequent years. It doesn't stop there. They tell friends about the great value they received or how they were able to play at a renowned course because of R4R, and those friends become bidders and then return bid - ders. In addition to word of mouth, our agree - ment with Golf Channel, Golf Advisor and Golf Now to provide promotional support for R4R began to spread the news about R4R to an even wider audience. Last year alone, there were more than 975,000 household impres - sions through television and social media about R4R. That's nearly 1 million sets of eyes that have been exposed to GCSAA, the Environmental Institute for Golf and our members. The financial success of Rounds 4 Research is clear, but the "friend raising" it has done has also played an important role in increasing awareness of our members and our mission. Each person who comes in contact with GCSAA, whether through R4R, First Green, our advocacy efforts or by just visiting with (from the CEO) J. Rhett Evans Twitter: @GCSAACEO the superintendent at their course, has the potential to become a proponent of GCSAA and all we are trying to accomplish. This is why GCSAA developed the new Friends of the Golf Course Superintendent membership class, which was overwhelmingly approved at the 2019 Annual Meeting in San Diego. A Friend of the Golf Course Superinten - dent is someone who supports golf, the golf course and the important role of superinten - dents but does not qualify for membership in any other class. They won't be able to vote or hold office, nor will they be able to access re - stricted areas of the GCSAA website as other members can. What they will get is informa - tion tailored for them and recognition for their support of GCSAA and our members, helping out our cause. They can also be proponents of our advo - cacy efforts on the local, state and national level. Those in the Friends membership class will be eligible, in keeping with the rules of the Federal Election Commission, to donate to our political action committee, GCSAAPAC. GCSAAPAC, in turn, lets us build new rela- tionships and foster existing relationships by working with lawmakers who support golf- related issues. Like Rounds 4 Research, the Friends of the Golf Course Superintendent membership has the potential to grow recognition and aware - ness of GCSAA and our members through an ever-expanding network of individuals who support our cause. So, whether you donate a round, bid on a round or simply tell a friend about Rounds 4 Research, you are part of expanding our reach and influence, one person at a time. J. Rhett Evans is GCSAA's chief executive officer. Exponential growth Each person who comes in contact with GCSAA … has the potential to become a proponent of GCSAA and all we are trying to accomplish.

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