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100 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 04.19 CALIFORNIA Cal E. Arseneau, formerly (C) at Sherwood Country Club, is now (B) at Industry Hills at Pacific Palms Conference Resort in City of Industry. Michael W. Broadbent, formerly (C) at Old Greenwood Golf Course, is now (B) at Old Greenwood Golf Course in Truckee. Jon Cancel, formerly (A) at O'Connell Landscape Maintenance, is now (A) at Ocean Hills Country Club in Oceanside. Daniel L. Cruse, formerly (B) at Win- chester Country Club, is now (B) at Santa Ana Country Club in Santa Ana. Jason Fuertes, formerly (A) at Eagle Glen Golf Club, is now (A) at Industry Hills at Pacific Palms Conference Resort in City of Industry. Benjamin A. Genest, formerly (C) at Pasatiempo Golf Club, is now (C) at Menlo Country Club in Woodside. Gus Rodda, formerly (A) at Seville Golf and Country Club, is now (A) at Schaffer's Mill Club in Truckee. David C. Smallwood, formerly (A) at Kapalua Golf, is now (A) at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad. Mark A. Snyder, formerly (A) at Ewing Irri- gation and Landscape, is now (A) at Target Specialty Products in Santa Fe Springs. Kellen C. Whaley, formerly (C) at Nicklaus Golf Club at LionsGate, is now (C) at Diablo Country Club in Diablo. COLORADO Mark A. Beitel, formerly (B) at The Club at Flying Horse, is now (B) at The Club at Flying Horse in Colorado Springs. Clay S. McKinley, formerly (A) at Cross Creek Golf Links, is now (A) at Cornerstone Golf Club in Montrose. CONNECTICUT Keith A. Carper, formerly (C) at Greenwich Country Club, is now (C) at Country Club of Darien in Darien. Robert B. Ferguson, formerly (C) at The Tuxedo Club, is now (C) at The Stanwich Club in Greenwich. Sean K. Lucey, formerly (C) at Watchung Valley Golf Club, is now (C) at The Stan- wich Club in Greenwich. DELAWARE Jonathan J. Urbanski, formerly (A) at Bidermann Golf Club, is now (A) at Wilmington Country Club in Wilmington. (in the field) MEMBERS ONLY Central Plains Steve Randall It was 6 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 20, in St. Paul, Minn. As I ripped open the curtains to my hotel room, I saw that the predic- tions were true. Our friends from the National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Warning beginning at midnight. By 7 a.m., at least 4 inches of snow had fallen … and it was not letting up. That morning, I knew it would be a hearty drive of about 5 miles to Christ Lutheran Church, the meeting spot to go over strategy and to discuss issues for the attendees meeting with House and Senate members in Minnesota. The site was a simple walk across the street to state buildings, including the Capitol. An underground tunnel system was a welcomed option. After 45 minutes on the road, I had arrived! During our briefing meeting, six items of discussion were highlighted. The first was a recently completed Economic Impact Study on golf in Minnesota. Golf is a $2.3 billion industry for the state, $743.3 million in wage income, and accounts for roughly 25,000 jobs. The Minnesota Golf Association, who were the drivers of the study, were well represented. After having worked for the MGA in the late 1990s, I was able to catch up with former staff and meet new individuals. It was great seeing the participation. Of course, members from the Minnesota GCSA made up the majority of attendees. Roughly 50 individuals were registered for the event. A few folks were unable to attend due to the weather, however the spirit of the event was strong. This leads me to our discussion with legislators on the items of importance: • Environmental initiatives and agency partnerships. The industry is very proactive working with the Department of Agriculture. Practices are in place, including BMPs that guide usage of golf course inputs • Support of HF 790 to define the ability for 16- and 17-year-olds to operate lawn mowers. The golf industry needs youth to fill employment opportunities • Pesticide applications in cities. Bill HF 1255 will allow any city to create pesticide regulations, penalties and licensure. All pesticide applications on turf must be posted with signage. This has been a major discussion item in the state. The message to legislators was to highlight the extensive BMP work created in partnership with state agencies. There are regulations and laws in place. With the help of MGCSA Executive Director Jack MacKenzie, CGCS, teams of individuals, based on residence, were devel - oped. This allowed groups to move from visit to visit effectively. The goal was to make sure at least one person in the group was a constituent of a legislator on each visit. Being from outside the state and limited on time, I wanted to focus my visits strategically. I wanted to make sure I visited an author of bill HF 1255. I wanted to hear their side. So, a visit to representative Anne Clafin was on the docket. I was with two seasoned MGCSA members who both reside in Anne's district. We were ready to make our point heard … Until we discovered she was in committee, and the committee meeting was running late. We were offered the opportunity to reschedule. Ultimately, this became a drop-off, meaning our materials were provided to her assistant, and follow-up would be necessary. But that visit aside, teams worked their way around the House and Senate and had success in telling the great story of golf. This is the second time that I've attended the event. These meetings show dedication to our industry. An economic impact of $2.3 billion and 25,000 jobs in Minnesota? Yes, golf is vital! It has been said many times that if you're not at the table, you're on the menu. Certainly in Minnesota and other areas, mem - bers are at the forefront of issues and staying ahead. We encourage you to participate and stay engaged. Regardless of the weather, your voice and presence on issues is appreci - ated, needed and important. For the latest from all of GCSAA's field staff representatives, go to regional-resources.

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