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04.19 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 95 motor that affords longer run time and extends the life of the tool. The combination of lithium-ion battery and brushless motor significantly reduces noise pollution and cuts out emissions completely, which is especially important in municipalities where regulatory guidelines mandate these controls. With the cultivator, landscape pros get all the power without the usual hassle that comes with fossil fuel-powered outdoor power equipment. The GTL 100 cultivator features a 10-inch tilling width that makes preparing the soil in a vegetable garden or floral bed in neat rows a breeze. The tool's 5-inch tilling depth is optimal for aeration prior to planting and for weed control between rows as the growing season progresses. For ultimate versatility and convenience, the tool is equipped with adjustable, removable wheels, which facilitates customization for various types of ter- rains and contours. The ergonomic bike handles provide maximum comfort during use and allow the tool to be maneuvered easily. For safety considerations, the GTL 100 is constructed with a plastic guard to protect against soil and debris spray while in use. Visit Greenworks Commercial, ECHO Robotics revealed its TM-2000 Autonomous Turf Mower . The TM-2000 is unique, ECHO says, in that it can handle up to five acres of turf ef- ficiently and quietly while also finely mulching clippings to promote turf health. Since the unit can be remotely commanded while monitoring performance via a web platform and mobile app, sports turf managers can put their time and labor toward issues that actually require their direct attention. It can also be scheduled to operate around field usage and watering cycles, while the emissions-free operation keeps energy costs eight times lower than traditional turf maintenance tools. It is designed to save sports turf managers time, money and resources. Visit ECHO, Utilizing Brookside Agra 's natural water-conservation agent and soil amendment H2OExcel as a seed treatment in spring can boost overall crop emergence, quality and growth rate, according to soil microbiologist Ben Elliott of Insight Bio Ag LLC. Elliott has worked in the chemical formulating and research fields for the past 10 years, providing consultation services both nationally and internationally. He specializes in intensive management for growers adopting new practices based on biologi- cal aspects of decision making, data management and systems integration. "Using H2OExcel as a seed treatment, the point at which you can get the earliest activity of the chemistry, can help crops emerge more quickly and evenly," Elliott says. "In early applications, at emergence, H2OExcel has been proven to support the early develop- ment of plants at a critical stage where photosynthesis has not yet fully started within the plants." According to Elliott, using H2OExcel as a seed treatment sets the stage for native microbes in the soil to begin coming out of dormancy earlier than normal. Even though the plants have yet to begin photosynthesis, using H2OExcel as a seed treatment can help build the amount of total available nutrients within the root zone so a plant can load up quickly when those processes begin. The recommended use rate for all crops is 4 ounces of H2OExcel per 100 weight of seed. H2OExcel is safe for use on all crops, turf and vegetation in all geographical areas and will not harm plants, animals or humans. When mixed with water, H2OExcel can be applied as a spray or soil-drench and can be safely blended with fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Visit Brookside Agra, www. Honda introduced powerful new ad- ditions to its legendary GX Series of V-Twin general-purpose commercial engines . Four new Honda V-Twin engines, the iGX700/iGXV700 and iGX800/iGXV800 , offer com- mercial construction and turf industry customers versatile power and greater adaptability with excellent fuel efficiency in a compact package. Providing en- hanced performance and quality, the engines are equipped with fuel injection technology and an integrated electronic self-tuning regulator governor that delivers drive-by-wire remote control capability to manage key aspects of engine operation. Honda V-Twin engines, available in both horizontal and vertical shaft configurations, share the same footprint as existing models. The electronic governor allows the engine to regulate power when the load changes for demanding commercial applications, including concrete and construction equipment (power screeds, hydraulic power units, concrete saws, ride-on concrete trowels, vibratory rollers, generators and pressure washers) and commercial turf equipment (zero-turn radius mowers, lawn tractors, garden tractors, utility vehicles, trenchers, stump grinders and chipper/shredders). Visit Honda, ECHO

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