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MAR 2019

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03.19 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 89 yellow and beige. When paired with 6-foot Verve benches, these site furnishings provide years of trouble-free service for any indoor or outdoor environment. They are ideal for parks and recreational areas, streetscapes, green spaces, schools, universities, sports arenas and public places, transit facilities, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality industry venues, or wherever durable, stylish waste collection and seating is desired. Visit Paris Site Furnishings, Sentinel Biologics launched EcoBiome soil-testing technology. "Conventional soil-testing technologies are only capable of identifying and categorizing about 5 percent of the microbes in any soil sample," says Marc Rodriguez, president of Sentinel Biologics. "Our patent-pending EcoBiome technol- ogy, on the other hand, can identify and categorize 100 percent of the microbes in a soil sample, allowing us to develop specific recom- mendations on how to improve fertilizer efficiency, crop yields, sustainability and profits." The advanced EcoBiome soil analysis technology provides colony counts of specific microbes capable of solubilizing locked-up nutrients and minerals in the soil. If microbial deficiencies are discovered, the EcoBiome Innovation Center will recommend and offer customized microbial products formulated to rebalance and restore the soil ecology to optimal levels. Rodriguez sees an excellent fit for the new EcoBiome technology in the production agriculture, professional turf maintenance and greenhouse ornamental sec- tors, as well as the home lawn and garden market. "With the high cost of basic fertilizers and essential micronutrients, it makes good economic sense to ensure that soils contain the proper microbial balance to optimize those fertilizer investments," he says. Visit Sentinel Biologics, PBI-Gordon Corp. announced that the U.S. EPA recently approved federal registration for Vexis herbicide granular . It will be available for sale in mid- 2019. Based on a new proprietary active ingredient, pyrimisulfan, Vexis is the result of an exclusive partnership between PBI-Gordon, Kumiai Chemical Industry Co., and their U.S. subsidiary K-I Chemical U.S.A. Vexis is formulated for use on residential and commercial sites, sports facilities and golf course tees, fairways and roughs. Vexis provides excellent post-emergent control of sedges and kyllinga species, including purple and yellow nutsedge, cockscomb and false green kyllinga. A low-rate, non-phenoxy product, Vexis has exhibited activity against weeds that have developed resistance to ALS-inhibiting herbicides. The application rate is 0.03 to 0.06 pound a.i./acre, and the maximum an- nual use rate is 0.09 pound a.i./acre. Retreatment after 30 days is allowed. Vexis can be used on a wide variety of cool- and warm-season turfgrasses: Kentucky bluegrass, fine and tall fescues, perennial ryegrass, bentgrass, bermudagrass, bahiagrass, buffalograss, kikuyugrass, seashore paspalum, St. Augustinegrass (including improved varieties) and zoysiagrass. The first registered products containing Vexis will be in a granular formula- tion, which will help reduce off-target drift and volatility compared to products currently available. It will be sold in a 2-pound "shaker" can and in a 35-pound bag. It will be available alone or in combination with other active ingredients. Visit PBI-Gordon, https:// exceptional-control-of-sedge-and-kyllinga-species. Pure Seed and Atlas Turf International recently named Semillas Fitó the exclusive distributor of Pure Dynasty seeded paspalum in France, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia. Pure Dynasty is an advanced seeded paspalum blend developed by Pure-Seed Testing to deliver faster establishment, stronger turf density and better disease resistance and salt tolerance. Introduced in 2014, Pure Dynasty has proven successful in more than a dozen countries, including Spain, where Son Gual Golf Resort converted fairways to Pure Dynasty by interseeding. Championship-quality Pure Dynasty faced the challenge of the European Tour as the wall-to-wall turfgrass at Royal Greens Golf and Country Club hosted the Saudi International. Semillas Fitó has an exten- sive background in turfgrass distribution. Based in Barcelona and founded in 1880, the company has offices and representation throughout the Mediterranean. Semillas Fitó's experience in the turfgrass industry includes multiple paspalum projects. Paris Site Furnishings

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