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16 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 02.19 earlier and earlier and clears later and later. Lunches out become quick snacks between meetings. I used not to bother to put my phone on Do Not Disturb at night; now I'm getting alert noises late at night or even in the wee hours, as folks inside the building and out remember just "one more thing" before nod - ding off. When I interviewed for this job, I was asked why I wanted to work here. Without hesitation, I replied that I was attracted by the GCSAA's singularity of purpose. It wasn't just something I parroted to impress the HR folks. Most of the time, we're all working toward our own smaller goals with our own deadlines. We at GCM, for instance, focus on putting out a magazine each month. e folks over at the Environmental Institute for Golf, or at Government Affairs, or Chapter Outreach all have their own initiatives, big and small, but this time of year, I've learned, all eyes turn to - ward the big Show. I'm sure Show means different things to different participants. For some, maybe, it's a vacation, while it's networking and job hunt - ing for others. I know educational opportu- nities are huge for just about everyone, and, I'm told, there's usually swag. Lots and lots of swag. For all of us here at GCSAA, it's all that and much more. I'm not sure I, as a relative newbie, should feel comfortable serving as the organization's mouthpiece in this regard, but I do feel comfortable enough to say this: ere's no doubt in my mind that GCSAA really is "dedicated to serving its members, advancing their profession and enhancing the enjoyment, growth and vitality of the game of golf." And if I may be so bold, I'm convinced there's no one time and one place that will be more evident — thanks to the commitment and singularity of purpose of every person inside these walls — than at the Golf Indus - try Show. So to all those who advised in my early days, "Just wait until Show," my response, quite simply, is, "I can't wait." Andrew Hartsock is GCM 's managing editor. Andrew Hartsock Twitter: @GCM_Magazine At last, it's 'Show' time (inside gcm) "Just wait until Show." I can't recall how many times I heard that phrase — or some variation of it — during my first few days as managing editor at GCM. It didn't take me long to learn during those heady days last summer that, as far as the folks here at GCSAA headquarters are concerned, the annual Golf Industry Show is, indeed, a Very Big Deal. As part of the onboarding process around here, all newcomers meet with each of the de - partment heads, from the C-suite on down, and each one of them made at least one men - tion of GIS and its importance. Lest I think it's merely an institutional thing, that we at GCSAA have built up our annual showcase artificially, I receive remind - ers regularly from our members that the Golf Industry Show really matters to everyone in - volved. When I was trusted to show my face outside the office from time to time, I visited, dined and even ate free ice cream with super - intendents and assistants and representatives of industry partners, and a common refrain was, "Have you been to Show?" Now that we're on the cusp of my first, as I go about my day-to-day, I hear from super - intendent sources from articles past, present and future, and almost invariably I'm asked, "Will I see you in February?" From those I've only "met" electronically, once I respond affir - matively, I receive the follow-up, "I'm looking forward to meeting you in person." If ever there were any doubt in my mind about the importance of the Golf Indus - try Show to the folks around here, it would have disappeared about the time the calendar flipped. Production for this issue of GCM — which should be hitting mailboxes about the same time GIS 2019 kicks off — ramped up in early January, and the mood at GCSAA HQ had changed perceptibly. Like a lot of workplaces, here at GCSAA the workload ebbs and flows. ere's a bit more chatter around the proverbial water - cooler on certain days of certain seasons. But once January rolled around, there was a pal - pable change in the air. And, please, don't misunderstand: I'm not suggesting anybody is slacking at other times or that the massive undertaking that is the Golf Industry Show is merely a couple of months in the making. Neither is the case. It's just that there's a noticeable change around here. e parking lot starts to fill up There's no doubt in my mind that GCSAA really is "dedicated to serving its members, advancing their profession and enhancing the enjoyment, growth and vitality of the game of golf."

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