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01.19 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 135 all-day use. The vented backpack frame draws air across the user's back for cooling in hot weather, and a block-off plate is included for use in cooler weather. Visit Echo, Pure Seed and Atlas Turf International introduced PurePro Seeded Bermuda - grass , a blend of the industry's highest-performing hybrid bermudas, the companies say. With the goal of delivering the ultimate playing surfaces, PurePro combines the attributes of multiple varieties to produce a fine-textured, dark green, elite blend. Under optimal conditions, PurePro germinates in seven to 14 days. Quick establishment of a dense, hearty turf means sports fields and golf courses can be ready for play in as few as eight to 12 weeks. The deep-rooting, dense turf is extremely traffic- tolerant and meets the demands of heavy play. PurePro recovers quickly from injury. According to the companies, even the most challenging conditions are no match for PurePro. The blend offers excellent salt tolerance, performing well with all types of water quality. PurePro is also drought-, disease-, and heat-tolerant, maintaining its vigor through extreme temperatures. To further extend play and performance, PurePro delivers early spring green-up and retains color late into fall. The blend can be overseeded for year-round color and play. When temperatures rise, its aggressive growth habit allows PurePro to transition quickly out of overseeding. Visit Pure Seed,, and Atlas Turf International, Rain Bird Golf introduced the 551 Series rotors , designed to help superintendents water tee boxes and other smaller areas of the course more precisely and efficiently. Rather than using residential or commercial rotors in these smaller areas, superintendents who install the 551 Series benefit from the level of quality and features true golf course rotors can provide. The 551 Series is available in four rotor models, including an IC model that's compatible with Rain Bird Golf's popular IC (Integrated Control) System that directly connects central control to each rotor and valve. Other models include an electric solenoid version, a SAM/HYD model and a block version with Rain Bird's Seal-A-Matic feature. All 551 Series rotors offer short- to medium-range coverage, higher flow rates, superior distribution uniformity and valve-in-head options with a full-circle/360-degree arc and an adjustable arc from 30 degrees to 345 degrees. Four nozzles are available for various radii and flow rates, including a low-angle No. 51 nozzle with 32 feet to 38 feet (9.8 meters to 11.6 meters) coverage and Nos. 52, 53 and 54 nozzles to cover areas ranging from 38 feet to 55 feet (11.6 meters to 16.8 meters). Thanks to top-serviceable convenience, superintendents and their crew members can quickly and easily access internal rotor components, including a top- serviceable rock screen with integrated valve seat, as well as the valve assembly, internal assembly, nozzles, pressure-regulation system and selector assembly. This top-serviceability also makes it possible to adjust pressure regulation and arc from the top of each rotor with just a common screwdriver. Rapid-Adjust Technology featuring MemoryArc means the rotors will retain two part-circle arc settings, making it possible to switch between full- and part-circle operation in mere seconds. Visit Rain Bird, Turf Fuel Cleanse from Target Specialty Products is designed to help turf professionals treat Pure Seed soil that show signs of localized dry spot (LDS), facilitating speedy recovery. Turf Fuel Cleanse combines Turf Fuel's proprietary Soil Sync technology with an even stronger solvent than previous formulations. The two-part system works to attack hydrophobic organic acids responsible for LDS while delivering key enzymes to promote healthy soil biology and root system development. The combination gives treated soil an improved rewetting capability and more robust biological portfolio. It also supplies enzymes and secondary metabolites to augment faster turf recovery. Visit Target Specialty Products, The Steiner 450DX tractor is one of four distinct models, giving end users more options to fit their needs. Its new 25-hp, air-cooled engine delivers efficient power for dozens of residential and commercial tasks. The Steiner 450 tractors feature excellent performance and control — especially on slopes — and offer a wide variety of attachments for year-round applications. The 450 is an all-season machine, capable of handling a wide variety of attachments that will help users mow, blow, plow or dig all year long. The Quick-Hitch attachment system makes it easier than ever to switch between attachments, requiring just a few minutes and no tools. From snow blowing to lawn mowing, there's virtually no downtime between tasks. Customers can also add accessories to their Steiner 450DX to meet their specific requirements. Popular accessories include hand controls, Level 2 suspension seat, dual wheel kit and rear weight kit. Visit Steiner, Steiner

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