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JAN 2019

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fabrication equipment — and I brought it all with me from job to job. I do think that was a consistent benefit to my employers. ese skills have honestly never got in the way of my relationship with the mechanic. Quite the opposite. I always had a great relationship with the mechanic, because he could see that I could help him, and my passion for his work was real. "At Squaw Creek, we hired a mechanic who was a real machine- shop guy — he could work a metal-turning lathe. Between him and me, we made things like a mechanical edger for the greens. Built the whole thing, because he could do all the shafting. We built some unbelievable stuff at that time. I don't believe there's a single me - chanic I've had the pleasure of working with in the golf business who doesn't absolutely love me. We would collaborate. I built things they would never think of themselves: roll-around benches, shelving, cus - tom things for their shops. You can buy that stuff, sure. But if you got a shop with small rooms, we made it all fit. "One more thing mechanics loved me for: When you break or sheer off a bolt flush with the top, there's a special welding rod that I could use to remove it nine times out of 10 — saved the company a ton of money each time. Most of my mechanics were pretty amazed at that." ese skills tend to get the attention of various engineering types, too, whom Goettsch greatly admires. Squaw Creek was where he met P.C. Schedule, who ran a pump station business. Goettsch would end up doing all manner of jobs with/for Schedule and John Tucker, on the side, though he gathered as much as he contributed. "ey're so smart, those engineers; they've got the math," Goettsch says. "John Tucker has stood by me forever and taught me so much, as did P.C, who has sadly passed away. Lee Niles at Southern Irriga - tion Consultants was another extremely intelligent guy. Lee hired me at one point, and I went to work for him doing GPS and irrigation work. I would help him draw as-builts — and that's where I learned AutoCAD. After that, I did all my own drawings for all my own stuff. at has really helped me do things quicker, more efficiently. I used to do stuff from memory and just wing it." Finding the right balance is sort of efficiency should have given Goettsch a bit more time for himself, for his family. But only recently has he achieved that sort of balance in his life. The renovation of the 74-foot-long bridge that serves the Rock House on the Fazio Canyons Course at Omni Barton Creek Spa and Resort in Austin, Texas, is on Goettsch's list of his "greatest hits."

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