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DEC 2018

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12.18 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 83 refrigerated and non-refrigerated options. Features can vary slightly, but most Oasis vandal-resistant coolers and fountains include a cabinet and basin made of 14-gauge stainless steel with a heavy-duty galvanized frame and a single vandal-resistant push button to activate the flow of water. Galvanized steel screens prevent objects from being inserted into ventilation panels or the underside. Most also include a one-piece, low-flow bubbler that is chrome-plated solid construction and keyed into place to prevent vandalism. Standard models include a vandal-resistant bubbler with a flexible guard. In addition to their vandal-resistant properties, products also come with favorite Oasis features like 100-micron strainers and lead-free materials and construction. Visit Oasis, Used primarily to separate rocks and large debris from soil and sand, Cat Skel- eton Buckets feature heavy-duty construction and find application in a number of industries, including agriculture, construction, land clearing, demolition, landscaping and scrap handling. Designed for use with skid steer, multi-terrain, compact track and compact wheel loaders, Cat Skeleton Buckets incorporate structural elements that ensure efficient operation and long-term durability. In basic construction, Cat Skeleton Buckets use heavy steel rods, 1.25 inches (31.75 mm) in diameter on 3.75-inch (95 mm) centers, to form the floor and back of the bucket. Thick plates with rectan- gular openings form the sides of the bucket, and a rectangular frame, fabricated of heavy-duty steel and incorporating two steel-plate rock dams, strengthens the back of the bucket. The rock dams serve to retain material, reducing spillage and increasing production. For added durability, steel gussets are welded between the outermost rods in the bucket floor and the sides of the bucket. The forward ends of the rods in the bucket floor are secured in a heavy-duty support beam positioned between (and welded to) the bucket sides. This beam provides support and allows the bucket to also be used for grading. Welded to the forward tips of the rods and support beam are heavy steel tines that enhance breakout force by initially separating rock and debris from soil more effectively than a solid cutting edge. Visit Cat, Buffalo Turbine products are now backed by a 10-year warranty — and the warranty is retroactive to all existing machines sold after Sept. 1, 2008. The company says, "In a time where designed obsolescence is a major portion of many business plans, Buffalo Turbine plans to have their products far outlast anyone else. Having units that are 40-plus years old and still in service is a testament to how long this has been the philosophy." Buffalo Turbine manufactures a complete line of debris blowers, dust- and odor-control and vector-control products. All products are manufactured in the U.S. and have been since 1945. Buffalo Turbine uses high-precision machined components to build long-lasting, dependable products. Visit Buffalo Turbine, www. Kerb SC specialty herbicide , manufactured by Corteva Agri- science , Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, has received EPA federal registration on an amended label, removing the restricted-use pesticide (RUP) classification. Kerb SC provides pre-emergence and early post-emergence control of winter annuals and perennial grasses and offers control of Poa annua on golf courses. An easy-to-apply liquid formulation, Kerb SC aids in the removal of perennial ryegrass from warm- season turfgrass during the spring transition. Visit DowDuPont,, to read the full amended label. Cat Skeleton Buckets

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