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DEC 2018

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78 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 12.18 Out, damned (dollar) spot! October, p. 74. 'You can' doesn't mean 'you should.' November, p. 78. T is for turfgrass, and P is for Poa. December, p. 74. THE FRONT NINE Feature story Major development. Howard Richman. January, p. 18. Onward and upward. Howard Richman. February, p. 18. Duty calls. Howard Richman. March, p. 18. Proving ground. Howard Richman. April, p. 18. It's working. Howard Richman. May, p. 18. Verdure Beth Guertal, Ph.D. Yep, we did that before. January, p. 122. Going back: Poa version. February, p. 86. Let's get physical. March, p. 72. I'm not dead; I'm dormant. April, p. 82. Looks like everything is just fine. May, p. 70. How much nitrogen does that zoysiagrass need? June, p. 74. Thatch, mat and coring. July, p. 74. That traffic will wear you down. August, p. 70. Bentgrass establishment: Soluble nitrogen is key. September, p. 78. Giving his all. Superintendent Justin Woodland is unafraid to speak his mind and fearless when it comes to helping others. Howard Richman. November, p. 34. Indelible stamp. The Powell family — recipients of the 2019 Old Tom Morris Award — followed the lead of its patriarch, Bill, to break barriers and leave a revolutionary mark on the game of golf and America. Howard Richman. December, p. 38. Seed and sod 2018 Seed Update. Teresa Carson. May, p. 46. Through the Green Jack Fry, Ph.D. Advances in warm-season grasses. February, p. 72. The grass at the Masters. April, p. 70. Latitudes and putting green surfaces. June, p. 58. The grass at the PGA Championship. August, p. 60. Becoming an outside agency. October, p. 58. The Rules Are Changing. December, p. 56. Up to Speed Thomas A. Nikolai, Ph.D. Weighing in on fairway rolling. January, p. 104. The elephant in the room. March, p. 64. You are what you produce: Part 2. May, p. 60. A brief history of green speed. July, p. 60. Collar care. September, p. 60. Managing putting greens to tolerate foot traffic. November, p. 62.

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