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DEC 2018

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64 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 12.18 Nitrogen cycle Ross C. Braun, Ph.D. Dale J. Bremer, Ph.D. Fertilization and irrigation strategies reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve water Using polymer-coated urea and less irrigation on zoysiagrass may produce better visual turf quality and conserve water while reducing nitrous oxide emissions. This research was funded in part by the U.S. Golf Association. Turfgrass NH 4 + NO 3 - Organic Matter Air Fertilizer & Rainfall Uptake Clippings & Roots Uptake Fertilizer (e.g., urea) & Rainfall Clipping Removal Erosion Leaching Runoff Leaching Runoff I m m o b i l i z a t i o n M i n e r a l i z a t i o n N i t r i f i c a t i o n N F i x a t i o n D e n i t r i f i c a t i o n ( e . g . , N 2 O ) V o l a t i l i z a t i o n ( N H 3 ) Figure 1. Simplified conceptual model illustrating the nitrogen cycle. Illustration by Ross Braun

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