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NOV 2018

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54 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 11.18 AT THE TURN (leadership) Greg Brandriet Called into question Who are you? What's your passion? What kind of leader are you? Are you really present? Seeking the answers to these inquiries is only the beginning of the journey. As the 2018 golf season draws to a close, we enter that time of year where, for some of us in the north, it could be six months before we see temperatures in the 60s again. While we all have the standard list of off-season duties that must be addressed, many of us also spend this time at trade shows, conferences and chapter meetings, talking and socializing with other superinten - dents and industry cohorts who have one thing in common: turf. For many of these people, it's safe to assume that turf is their passion, and for good reason. It has meant a livelihood, a pur - pose, a defining career, a connection to nature and many other reasons that all contribute to a thriving industry and a lifelong activity enjoyed by millions. So, what is your passion? at's a seemingly deep, introspective question. I wonder if too often the responses are shal - low and pedestrian, mainly because, well, we really don't know. Imagine if you were asked that at the beginning of every season, or better yet at the beginning of every day. Would your answer always be the same? Would some aspect of it always be specifically related to your occupation? Or would it be a more common, yet equally valid, response, such as "family," "hunting" or "the latest IPA release from the local brewery"? Certainly, for most of us to get where we are in this business, we must love something about this job to put in the long hours, toil through high- stress situations and listen to the gripes of 18-handicappers who carry stimpmeters in their bags. Otherwise, we never would have made it as far as we have. Some of you might have a completely different answer, and that's what motivated me to write this article. My intention is borne from a chance to share my story in the hope that it So, what is your passion? That's a seemingly deep, introspective question. "When people see the poster (over his right shoulder), they know how seriously I take my work," says Greg Brandriet, GCSAA Class A superintendent at Elkhorn Ridge Golf Club in Spearfish, S.D. Photo by Willem Brandriet

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