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OCT 2018

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76 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 10.18 knockdown of damaging mycelium and dew mitigation under certain conditions. With Leaf-Cote technology, the product offers improved retention on the leaf surface, sticking where it's needed most — at the site of the fungal activity. Visit Bayer, https://www.backedbybayer. com/exteris-stressgard. Growth Products unveiled its 100 percent organic, OMRI-listed, plant-based fertilizer, Macroganics 4-3-2 . It offers the maximum analysis available for pri- mary nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potas- sium in a liquid form. In addition to its highly concentrated N-P-K, Macroganics contains 18 L-amino acids and a natural wetting agent from yucca, as well as a food source for beneficial bacteria. Macroganics is a non-clogging, easy- to-use fertilizer for turf, food crops, ornamentals, etc. It is ideal for supplemental feeding and conveniently functions as a fertilizer and soil conditioner. Macroganics provides an effective boost of nutrients and organic matter in both root feeding and foliar spray applications. It contains no animal by-products and is safe for the environment, according to the company. Visit Growth Products, www. PBI-Gordon Corp. announced that Tekken Broad Spectrum Fungicide has received registration from California. Approved for use on golf Little Wonder launched ProVac SI , which, the company says, "means bad news for debris." Featuring serrated steel impeller blade technology, ProVac SI boasts a compact footprint and superior suction and shredding capabilities. With a generous 40-gallon bag capacity and ergonomic, foam-gripped handles that angle upward to match the hand's natural position, the ProVac SI was designed for long-duration use without user fatigue. Just 28 inches wide at its widest point, the ProVac SI can fit through almost any gate and work in small spaces. Its throated nozzle design increases airspeed for improved vacuum capability, while a rectangular discharge chute prevents clogging of debris. Bag capacity is optimized by a 12-inch-thick steel impeller with five serrated blades. The ProVac SI delivers a 5:1 reduction ratio. Like all Little Wonder products, the ProVac SI is built for long-lasting service and features a thick-gauge, all-welded steel hous- ing with welded support studs sitting atop semi-pneumat- ic wheels that never need air and have been custom- designed with wide spokes to stand up to the most rug- ged use. Visit Little Wonder, Bayer's Exteris Stressgard is now registered in New York. The fungicide is specifically formulated to maximize foliar disease control. Exteris Stressgard combines fluopyram and trifloxystrobin, and Bayer says it is the only succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor (SDHI) of its kind, offering both preventive and curative disease control as well as formulation enhancements through a combination of Leaf-Cote and Stressgard Formula- tion technologies. With two active ingredients, Exteris Stressgard creates a dynamic solution with the molecular precision and agility to provide broad-spectrum control of diseases such as dollar spot, brown patch and leaf spot while also offering additional benefits, such as fast (product news) Pasture LONGEVITY Barenbrug USA introduced PastureRX, with Yellow Jacket seed coating technology. PastureRX features ultra-absorbent technology that can hold up to 600 times its weight, making it ideal for drought tolerance, establishing good growth and overall longevity of pastures. The balanced mixture of non-GMO grass and legumes is easy to plant and can be grazed as soon as the plants have taken root firmly. These modern variet- ies were developed through standard breeding and selection practices to establish quickly and produce palatable, high-quality pasture that will compete with undesirable species when man- aged properly. Studies from accredited research universities such as Texas A&M, Ohio State and New Mexico State demonstrate that Yellow Jacket seed coating also provides a layer of stability that increases initial growth by up to 14 percent, retains protective fungicide sprays longer and allows seeds to establish good growth, improving your pasture's overall yield and longevity. To learn more about PastureRX, visit: Little Wonder

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